In the list of the great winners that has left 2020 , Amazon occupies prominent positions. One of the big winners due to the effects that the coronavirus has had on the day-to-day lives of companies has been electronic commerce. Consumers have bought much more online this year than in previous years and have also started to rely more on ecommerce for many more areas of their daily lives.Given the limited movements during the pandemic and the need to reduce their exposure to the virus, consumers have started to buy online even those things that they preferred to continue buying in a traditional way. You just have to see what happened to supermarkets, where consumers lost their fears and started shopping online.To this we must add that, in general, the giants of the network were one of the great beneficiaries of the situation.

Consumers have become more Papua New Guinea Email List dependent on their services and, although they have had problems in other areas , they have closed a positive year in terms of market position.But Amazon has not only had a good year for these two reasons, it has also had a good year thanks to the advertising market. The ecommerce giant is increasingly an online advertising giant, with figures of increasing weight.It grows above the other divisionsIt is not only that its weight in the distribution of the cake is increasing (it is expected that 2020 will have closed with 10.2% of the online advertising market in the US), but also that digital advertising has a weight higher in the company’s own accounts. That is, it matters not only because of how your weight in ads impacts the overall advertising market, but also because of how those numbers impact your own financial data.

As noted in the Financial Times , based on an estimate by FactSet, Amazon’s advertising division will be the one that closes this year with the highest growth figures. It will grow more than its retail division, cloud computing or its Prime subscriptions.The “other” division is expected to have closed with a revenue of $ 21 billion in 2020. The numbers are still lower than those of other areas of Amazon business, true, but its growth of 47% is not. That jump compared to the numbers of the previous year makes it the division that grows the most.Why Advertisers Pay So Much AttentionIn addition, as they point out in the FT, it is equally important to take into account that Amazon grows by making itself little by little with part of the profits that Google took without question.

Amazon is vampirizing Google’s search advertising business and will continue to do so more and more as more consumers start to search for a product on Amazon rather than Google (even if they later shop on other sites).Although only one in 10 clicks turns into a sale in the store (this is data from Marketplace Pulse), advertisers are still interested (although there are already critical voices with its dual status of advertising space and sales space).Amazon has the attraction of offering specific data on how to buy to its advertisers. That makes the giant look like an especially attractive setting for advertisers. A Feed visor study that also collects the economic environment indicates that this year of 1,000 large brands, 73% are already advertised on Amazon. They were 57% in 2019.

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