The Christmas announcements have already arrived. The Christmas packaging did it months ago and the Christmas sales as well, encouraged by brands and retailers who did not want a confinement to catch them with everything to sell and who wanted to avoid crowds in December. For advertising we had to wait a little longer, but the ads have started to appear.The expectations were that this ad the Christmas campaigns would be different . In the year of the coronavirus, advertising cannot be kept unchanged and unadjusted, and the message must be changed to fit the mood of consumers in these difficult times. Advertisers have done it by following certain trends.

The first more or less Christmas campaign that has been launched in Spain may be that of the Solomon Islands Email List Galician supermarket chain Gadis. Gadis launched a few years ago his very viral ads Vivamos como galegos !, which deeply connected with his target audience, ended up becoming the main line of all his campaigns since then and which at the time led to more ads appearing in that direction.Its year-end campaign plays with the same philosophy that appears in those ads, also advertising-covid (it was also one of the first brands in Spain to launch ads for the coronavirus).His campaign sends the message that the coronavirus “will not be able to with us” and that this is how we should close the year. It is an option for year-end advertising: instead of the traditional Christmas message, a positive and optimistic year-end message.

But if this ad could seem like a forefront of where the shots will go in the Christmas campaigns, the British campaigns are already showing it clearly.British brands’ first 100% Christmas adsThe Christmas advertising campaign in the UK is very important. It is in your market, obviously, but also globally. Their brands are the forerunner of the trends in Christmas advertising messages and the investment is brutal. They tend to set trends that will later be seen globally and also tend to become viral by themselves.You may not have a John Lewis around unless you catch a flight to London, but surely you have seen, been excited and have already shared some of his Christmas campaigns.

This year, however, British Christmas ads have reduced their investment and the data suggests a certain crisis in the Christmas advertising campaign .British Christmas ads have started to appear and the lines that these first players have already taken are already pointing clear directions.The first trend is to focus on kind messages that speak of resilience and solidarity. The long-awaited John Lewis campaign has not yet launched (expected mid-month), but the company has already announced that it will focus on the theme of kindness and kindness and that it will reflect this year. The announcement will be linked to a solidarity campaign to provide funds to families who are having a hard time due to the effects of the pandemic.

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