The FEDE has expressed its deep concern about the way in which public advertising competitions, both for media and creativity, are being called for many months and they see in the competition for the Framework Agreement for the purchase of media for the campaigns of the Central Administration the example of what is being done under the justification of the pandemic. This situation makes it even possible to denounce the abuse of these mechanisms to European authorities so that they take action on the matter.A concern that not only refers to the current activity of public tenders, but is projected into the future due to the expected avalanche of tenders that will be called with European funds in the coming months.

“If this evolution is maintained, the transparency of the advertising tenders will disappear completely, harmed by the direct award based on reasons of supposed urgency, absurd deadlines, and lack of opportunities for companies that are not large, all against the principles set by the European Union. With this, we will lose an opportunity for these funds to be used correctly and benefit the entire advertising fabric, including the media, since it is not acceptable that some of them are systematically excluded, such as the external media, without any reason, “he declared. José Carlos Gutiérrez is the president of this association, the largest in the advertising sector, with more than 120 direct partners and as many indirect ones through territorial associations in the country.The FEDE considers, if this dynamic continues, to go to the relevant European authorities to denounce these practices since the EU principles that indicate the necessary promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in public contracts, are certainly violated and undervalued by the state.

The FEDE claims to have tried to North Korea Email List meet with those responsible for the publicity of the Administration in the Ministry of the Presidency for months, without even receiving a response. Something that had not happened with the previous government, they point out. “It is evident that advertising is not on the agenda of this government and that it considers it little less than an annoying procedure,” adds the president of the FEDE. Framework Agreement Regarding the competition for the framework agreement, with a starting value of 112 million euros for four years, the president of La FEDE-Agencies of Spain (part of La FEDE), Córdoba Ruiz, affirms that “it is not acceptable that the Bankruptcy of a higher amount of the Administration and with a duration of four years is processed by emergency procedure when there was a well-known expiration date for the previous one “.

For this section of the FEDE, which includes national capital creative and media agencies, there is no material time to properly prepare an offer (the contest was called on January 18 and the deadline ends on February 3).On the other hand, it stands out, the statement continues to keep open the possibility of there being offers of remuneration at 0% commission, a practice against which the FEDE has been fighting for years and which has worsened in recent times, protected by the entity that orchestrates the contest, the CORA (General Directorate of Rationalization and Centralization of Contracts), which depends on the Treasury and which considers, it seems, that the ministries can obtain a good service from bidders who will not have remuneration for their work, this can come to be considered a practice contrary to the needs and protection of the free market .

To this must be added, says the FEDE, that ensuring prices for a period of up to 4 years, as requested in the specifications, without a mechanism to foresee market movements, such as a possible rebound in inflation that some economists already anticipate, make This contest is a real Russian roulette for the winning companies that, in that case, would be forced to pressure the media to unbearable extremes or lose a lot of money.This is a game, says the FEDE, which can only be played by companies large enough to assume it without risk of disappearance.

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