In early June, Google reached an agreement with the French market regulator. Google did not appeal the decisions of the Autorité de la concurrence, which considered that it had committed a serious fault in addition to the 200 million euros, the interesting thing is that the French decision indicated that Google had abused its dominant market position in online advertising. Google’s troubles over the advertising monopoly allegations were far from over. They hadn’t even started there. Fires were being lit for the giant on many more grounds and on many more levels. It shows that not many weeks later we are talking again about whether Google is an advertising monopoly and what that implies.

The European Commission has just announced that it is opening a formal monopoly investigation against Google. The agency wants to Qatar Email List determine if the giant has failed to comply with community monopoly regulations in the online advertising market. Community research has many echoes of the French one, as they appeal to the same issue. The European Union body will try to determine whether or not Google has favored its own technology “to the detriment of competing providers” in the online advertising market. “Online advertising services are at the heart of how Google and the media monetize their online services,”  Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s Head of Competition.

The investigation will focus in particular on determining whether Google is distorting the competition by limiting the data that third parties can use. “Google collects data to use to target advertising, sells advertising space and also acts as an intermediary in online advertising. Thus, Google is present at almost every level of the online display advertising supply chain,” says Vestager. The Commission wants to ensure that the playing field is level for all. They worry, they explain, that Google has created a context in which its rivals find it more difficult to compete against their ad tech.

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