ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization .The Research Council (EIAA Insight Council) will bring together prestigious specialists from the sector who will contribute to the search for new business opportunities EIAA expands its Mediascope Europe 2010 study with the incorporation of 5 new countries and strengthens its Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer and Pan-Euro Display Ad Campaign studies The European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) today announced the launch of the EIAA Insight Council, a council made up of a group of experts made up of EIAA members.

In the same announcement, the EIAA has revealed the news that its Bhutan Email List Europe 2010 study, a benchmark in the sector, will offer on media consumption in Europe. The Research Council (EIAA Insight Council) will be made up of professionals in the digital field, made up of specialists in interactive media research and electronic commerce. This group of specialists belong to companies that are members of the EIAA and to the main European agencies, including Aegis Group, AOL Advertising, eBay International Advertising, Havas Digital, Havas Media, i-level, Interpublic Group, Microsoft Advertising, Omnicom Group, Orange Advertising, Pilot, Viva Ki, WPP and Yahoo! Europe. This internal Council will allow a closer collaboration between the media and the agencies and a greater capacity for disseminating information and new trends among consumers, which will notably benefit the online advertising market in Europe.Agencies will have privileged access to the main EIAA research projects, such as Mediascope Europe, Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer and the Pan-Euro Display Ad Campaign study. Likewise, the Council will provide a broader vision of the trends identified in the studies, in addition to working together to identify new business opportunities that may arise in the field of interactive advertising. The Research Council will be made up of: Aegis Group – Dan Calladine, Director of Media Futures at Carat AOL Advertising – Scott Fleming, Director of Research and Studies in Europe for AOL Advertisinge.

Bay International Advertising – Alex Marks, Director of Business Marketing, eBay Advertising, UK and international operations Havas Digital – Josh Krichefski, Global Director of Client Development at Havas Digita lHavas Media – Caroline Jacquot, Director of Digital Studies at Havas Mediai-level – Adam Fulford, Director of Planning at i-levelInterpublic Group – Tonia Perretta, Director of CODE at Initiative  Microsoft Advertising- Anita Caras, Director of Research & Market Insights in EMEA for Microsoft Advertising and Hema Patel, Director of Strategy and Planning – Global Agencies at Microsoft Advertising Omnicom Group – Jo Rigby, Director of Research in EMEA at Omnicom Media Group Orange Advertising – Bruce Hoang , Director of International Research at Orange Advertising Network and Giuliano Stiglitz, Director of Sales, Orange Advertising Network – Grupo Telecom Francia Pilot – Martina Vollbehr, General Director at Pilot Checkpoint and Gerald Falkenburg, First Director of Research at Pilot Checkpoint VivaKi- Frederic Joseph, Global Director of Digital Technologies at Zenith Optimedia and Nick Burcher, Director of VivaKi Nerve Center UK and EMEA Products / Alliances for VivaKi WPP – Norm Johnston, Global Leader in Digital Technologies at Mindshare; Carsten Lind, Regional Director of Insight in EMEA for Mediacom and Julian Smith, Director of Research & Insight at MEC Interaction Yahoo! Europe – Laura Chaibi, Director of European Research at Yahoo!

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