In the production of an advertisement, the big brands – and the not so big ones – have traditionally spent a lot of money and have tried to create a careful audiovisual product with a quality visual appearance. It is true that some ads that are somewhat shabby have had their moment (if you ask those who grew up watching some regional television, possibly they remember with some affection a somewhat shabby advertisement that was repeated and remained well engraved in their mind) but the important thing was understand the consumer well, create a good story and execute it in the most efficient way. Being crappy had no value and it didn’t work at all. Up to now.In recent times, the big brands have begun to change their tone and bet on much less elaborate ads, with more fun aspects and with a certain air even shabby. It is the boom of what Tim Leake, senior vice president and chief marketing and innovation officer of the RPA agency, calls, in statements to The Wall Street Journal , the growth of “ugly advertising.” It could be translated by ugly advertising. In general, its aesthetics are similar to those of video content made by amateurs or semi-professionals. It is that context that also makes them work. They connect with audiences in the field of the network and with a certain air of meme or online content.Brands that spend a lot of money on ‘traditional’ advertising are also starting to use it. Taco Bell, for example, launched a campaign of fake action movie trailers to promote some fries that it sells on a limited basis, but it also has campaigns made in a more ‘homemade’ way (or with that look and feel) that it launches on the internet. and that put their protagonists to play with salsa.

Old Spice, the deodorant brand Slovenia Phone Number List that had gone viral with its – professionally finished – ad a few years ago and the reinvention of the Old Spice man, also has seedy air campaigns, starring American YouTube stars and launched for the YouTube network. videos.It’s a question of platforms Companies are betting on this variety of content because they know that they work in a different way when they change platforms. If sophisticated ads with a perfect finish have their place on TV, what circulates on the Internet are messages with an amateur air. “We definitely have a channel strategy,” Taco Bell vice president of advertising Tracee Larocca acknowledges to the Journal . On the Internet, consumers connect with this type of content and those are the ones that work for them, which makes brands launch themselves to try them (and not only brands: in the US they have also entered political marketing and in the race for the presidential elections).

But it is also not only about that is what works on the network, but also about how consumers are changing. As one expert explains to the business newspaper, people like advertisements less and less (especially those that clearly look like an advertisement). Brands have to give a spin to what they do and create messages with potential so that consumers feel interested in them.In a way, this is what the ONCE summer campaign had already achieved a few years ago, many years before all this movement. His summer song campaign, remembered by consumers at the time, created crappy summer songs in cheap settings.It was fun, it became the song of the summer, and it was ugly advertising before fashion.

In fact, the campaign had achieved an even more rounded result using unexpected protagonists (the own workers of the agency that had done the campaign) and the proofs instead of the final recordings.The ugly sellsBut it is also not only about advertising, as Tim Leake pointed out (also) in a talk in Cannes and how they collect in AdAge . The ugly sells. Minecraft triumphs, but so does Roblox, and its aesthetic is not the refined one that would have been expected a few years ago. Memes and videos that seem real as life itself are the ones that go viral. In social networks the no filter is becoming more and more successful. And to that it is added that marketers do not always have the money to do sophisticated things as they would like.

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