It was a matter of absolute chance. The television was on and serving linear content from one channel. It was just the moment of the advertising break and, for want of anything else, I was paying attention to the announcements. Remembering which brands were the stars is almost impossible, but not so much visualizing a trend.Of the four ads I saw in a row, all four were for electric or hybrid cars. Advertisements for electric vehicles had also been recurrent in the advertisement served in the previous weeks by the VoD platform of the telecommunications operator that was giving me access to the content.

Do these back-to-back announcements mean that the auto industry is recovering its ad spend? Or should we rather stay with what each of those brands is advertising?Among the many companies that became collateral damage from the coronavirus crisis, the automotive one was one of them. Interestingly, the pandemic made citizens want to spend as little time as possible on public transport. The effect this had has been to skyrocket bicycle sales.

During 2020, bicycle sales Western Sahara Email List doubled those of cars in Spain. There were times when stores ran out of stock and even now, in what seems like the final stretch of the coronavirus crisis, there are still waiting lists to get a bike.This bicycle bonanza collides with an abrupt year for cars. Car sales carry a year amid a real debacle, as pointing to a report by . Although the automotive sector was one of the first sectors for which the Spanish government launched rescue plans to encourage sales, consumers did not respond as expected.

The only market that had a rebound was that of the used vehicle, which grew during the summer months of 2020. Spain is the fourth country in Europe in which car sales fell the most. He did it because of the pandemic, but also because people could be changing their behavior patterns.At the end of the day, millennials had already caused a crisis a few years ago for the industry, ‘going’ from buying a car or even not directly taking out their license. Now, there is not only a generational issue involved, but also a greater environmental awareness and a quest to reduce costs. Fuel is expensive.

And in those campaigns that return, it seems quite clear, seeing the ads that are launched on TV and even on the Internet, that car manufacturers are betting on electric cars or hybrids. They are everywhere.The moment coincides with the launch of a new public incentive plan for the purchase of this type of vehicle, which may explain why automotive companies are positioning their models in the eyes of consumers, whatever their models. The campaigns, as evidenced by the fact that I am unable to recall the four I saw in succession, are all very similar and use the same claims.

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