Thursday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m. The nineteenth edition of the Tocados Festival took place, a ceremony where young people awarded prizes for the best advertising campaigns. It was a streaming gala marked by the legend of the red thread of destiny or how all of us are connected by an invisible and indestructible thread. Agencies, brands and students were the protagonists of this connection.The festival, which has been organized by advertising students from Nebrija University since 1998, recognizes the best music, the most creative ideas, innovation in brand communication or the stories that have most captivated them, in addition to other aspects, of the 2019 and 2020 advertising campaigns.Among the winners of the 19th edition, they highlighted common values ​​such as the importance of digital disconnection to connect with our loved ones, the value of everyday things, a sense of humor as a necessary good and the fight for dreams or equality, in a year marked by the pandemic.There are eight categories of awards, the Great Headdress being the greatest exponent, for recognizing the excellence of the audiovisual piece and its impact on the students. It was awarded to #DisconnectToConnect (IKEA) by McCann. The rest of Nominated in this category were Act I. Alma (Estrella Damm) by Oriol Villar and Tienda LOL (Campofrío) also by McCann.Héctor Losa, Elena Rodríguez and Lorena Álvarez, creative and account directors for Familiarizados de McCann, vindicated the publicist’s work in “getting ideas despite the pressure of his work” and were proud to “serve as an inspiration to university students “.The Young Headdress went to Dream Crazier, a Wieden + Kennedy Portland campaign for Nike , for its realistic and inspiring message. They also competed for the Oriol Villar award, with Act III. Commitment (Estrella Damm) and McCann to #DisconnectToConnect (IKEA).Emma Barnett and Alex Romans, campaign creatives at Wieden + Kennedy Portland, said: “It’s really great that it has reached out to people all over the world; it has been received better than we expected.

I guess young people are Colombia Email Address really passionate about changing the world. double standards faced by women “.The Creative Idea Headdress was, for the creativity of its concept, for Tienda LOL (Campofrío), made by McCann . Airpods Bounce (Apple) from TBWA Media Arts Lab and #DisconnectToConnect were also nominated in this section.David Valgañón, creative director of the campaign at McCann, recognized his enthusiasm for the award, an award that “is given by students who in a few years will practice the profession to turn it upside down.”El Tocado Música , has been for Dinero (Bankinter), a campaign by Sioux Meet Cyranos and Havas as a media manager. Act I. Alma (Estrella Damm) by Oriol Villar was once again among the nominees in this category, along with the campaign “My father is an elf” (ECI) carried out by Mrs. Rushmore.”This was our first announcement; it means a lot to connect with people and put Bankinter on the map, in people’s minds and hearts,” said Roberto Lara, creative director of Sioux Meet Cyranos.From: To: (Suchard) from Ogilvy , has surprised by his story, taking home the Storytelling Headdress. The top 2 and 3 are occupied by Tienda LOL and DEV #DisfruteEnVida both by Campofrío and made by McCann.Miriam Malta and Olimpia Muñoz, creative supervisor and copywriter at Ogilvy, assured:

“The key to a good story is that there is a lot of truth and that people see themselves reflected and identified with something that happens to everyone.”The winning campaign that has moved to action with its message has been For me and # Portodosmiscompañeros carried out by Gyro Madrid for UNICEF . They were also nominated for the Social Headdress, Rang-tan: the story of the baby orangutan and palm oil (Greenpeace), of the Mother agency, and the campaign Feed our future (UN and SAWA), carried out by Lynne Ramsay and thought by John Hegarty and The Garage Soho.”You have to think differently because everything leads to the same thing and the issues are easy for us.

We did not want to do conventional communication, we did not want to use the power of grief, but the power of activism,” said Baldiri Ros, creative director from the Gyro agency: The Innovation Headdress has been the novelty of this edition and the AirPods Bounce (Apple) from TBWA Media Arts Lab premieres as the winner. Dream Further (Nike) by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and McCann with Tienda LOL (Campofrío) were also opting for it.The recognition of the Professional Career , has been granted to Uschi Henkes , creative director and first woman to preside over the Creative Club after almost two decades of existence of the association.”Success goes hand in hand with failure, this profession is a constant up and down”, commented Uschi Henkes, who sent a message to Advertising students: “If I have managed to get here, you can do it too”.The 19th edition of the Tocados Festival left the prese

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