Juan Garriga
Long profession in ADTECH. He has worked at Eyeblaster/Media Mind and as Managing Director at Sizmek . IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication. Andorra Email Lists On the web or face to face · Double degree · Up to 70% grant · Job and temporary job trade. Leg tendon Direct Promo · We are familiar Relationship Marketing. We are specialists in steadfastness and motivations · We like to make extraordinary encounters. In the existence of organizations and enterprises there are minutes when there are extraordinary ‘Himalayas’ to confront. Its upward dividers deaden many. Notwithstanding, the most daring are equipped for undertaking the climb to arrive at the yearned for highest point and from that point look at the tremendousness that shows up in its sights.

Something almost identical is occurring in the computerized promoting industry. As of recently, brands and organizations lived in a climate, pretty much peaceful, with obvious standards of the game. What’s more it was something that permitted them to arrive at purchasers in the most ideal manner, adjusting their missions as they would prefer with the renowned outsider treats. In any case, as an outlandish divider rises the new declaration by Google of the vanishing of these in 2023. To which is additionally added that of versatile identifiers (MAIDs). This will prompt another climate significantly more confounded for purchasing media, because of the divided estimation of missions because of numerous IDs.

In any case, despite challenges, intensity. What’s more confronted with the difficulties, arrangements. A fascinating report that is entitled Get Ahead of the bend manages this . Step by step instructions to plan for the Cookieless future arranged by our organization and as a commitment to the improvement of the advanced biological system. Since it is a guide to assist advertisers with being ready and face the cookieless future so they can streamline advanced missions in the new situation.

Also what is the way? This goes through computerized character, since it is a component that upholds all parts of the existence pattern of advanced missions, from onboarding or joining to accomplish an astounding beginning of relationship with the shopper, actuation, prospecting for new clients with which to contact elite execution crowds, just as retargeting and even personalization of creatives, information and estimation.

Alongside the abovementioned, also, on the buying side of the advanced biological system, innovation suppliers have rushed to present their own rendition of an ID intended to work in a cookieless climate . Simultaneously, critical headway is being made to actuate these identifiers on all shopping stages. In spite of the fact that it should be considered that as a result of the deficiency of the personalization of the missions through treats, it is being seen that sponsors will require a few IDs on the buy side to arrive at the scale they require and execute their Omnichannel crusades.

Accordingly, there are likewise various difficulties around estimating effort execution and inventive customization. What’s more how might promoters shield computerized crusades? The response is found in the publicizing servers, which are the most suitable answer for the present circumstance. Since the promotion server is the main instrument in the innovation stack where personality information and mission information can be bound together both at the client and print level. Moreover, it is the innovation of the advanced publicizing process with which the last buyer is reached in what is known as the “last mile” or last period of the client venture .

In any case, for this, the promotion server should have the option to give a bound together character, considering all advanced recognizable proof spaces, both for estimation and personalization. Simultaneously as offering an unbiased estimation (reach, recurrence and attribution) and without clashes in the acquisition of media. Just as, from one perspective, permitting sponsors to work with the best accomplices willingly and shielding the property of publicists on the information of their missions. Also on the other, regard the protection rules, giving the client data and buy choices in every impression.

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