If a few years ago Christmas started, commercially speaking in Spain, when the Frenetic ad appeared, now it does when the Christmas Lottery ad is launched.The product does not wait until the date for its commercialization. After all, in summer you can already find a Christmas lottery and there are already marketing and advertising actions that promote it. The Lottery announcement is not so much a marketing kickoff, but one of those Christmas ‘events’. In addition, in previous editions it managed to sneak into the list of Christmas virals, along with the very popular advertisements of British brands, which made it have a greater impact.Loterías y Apuestas del Estado has just presented its Christmas campaign today, with a sponsored trending topic on Twitter and an event at noon with the media to reveal the keys to the campaign.

The chosen date – November 14 – has been the same as in previous years.Four ads instead of on Colombia Phone Numbers List Eon this occasion, as anyone can discover by accessing their profile on YouTube, Loterías has opted for a campaign made up of four different spots with the same common thread, a motto that recalls the importance of sharing when it comes to the Christmas Lottery. .It was also the common thread of last year’s Christmas campaign, in which a curmudgeon ends up understanding the value of sharing the 10th winner after being trapped in time in a loop that spans the hours of the draw. This year, however, the four commercials are much shorter, have much simpler storytelling, and feature four different sets of protagonists.

“We wanted to step on the ground and that each one was reflected in those stories because the lottery has to do with what happens to us on the street,” said the president of Lotteries and State Betting, Jesús Huerta , in the presentation of the campaign. The campaign, or so its creators explained, has focused on the basics of the story and has eliminated the “artifice.”Thus, a retiree who finds it difficult to lose control of the family business, a patient in a hospital, a family that welcomes the new boyfriend of one of the daughters and an ex-father-in-law who wants to maintain the family relationship with his ex-daughter-in-law they are the axes of each of the stories.The stories will be released throughout the weeks before the draw. That is, each week you will have your ad that will not coexist with the others.

Appeal to the sensible Except for the story of the family whose daughter has a new boyfriend, who plays with humor and therefore with the complicity of consumers, the other stories continue to bet on the exciting plot. It is something that collides with the tendency of the Christmas commercials to put aside the tears and that the consumers seem to already be saturating the consumers as well. As one consumer who had just seen the ads on YouTube explained to me, she found the overall idea behind the ads “crappy” possibly, she noted, because she was fed up “with the sentimentality.” “He preferred the one from Montserrat Caballé”, sentence through WhatsApp.

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