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ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing. We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences What awaits consumers when we change the calendar sheet and 2020 gives way to 2021? Doing pools in these times, in which the coronavirus causes things to change at breakneck speeds and in which it seems impossible to know what will happen not a month but even a week from now, it seems too risky. Even so, brands and companies need these plans, because they are what help them to outline their strategies and determine how and in what to invest resources.

As noted from Seychelles Email List in times of volatility it is more difficult than ever for brands to plan in the long term. Despite all this, they must. Therefore, they need to know what is coming and how the market will evolve. It seems unquestionable that the effect of the coronavirus will continue in the future, even beyond the end of the pandemic and the appearance of efficient resources to cut the spread of the disease. In the immediate future, the months ahead, that will be unquestionable and the changes will continue to surface.

An analysis by Warc has outlined the challenges that companies will have to face in the coming months, pointing out the big elements that will complicate the strategy during 2021. Knowing how to manage them and how to adjust the marketing strategy to those realities will be essential to survive the future. Manage the recession, It appears that it was a thousand years ago that analysts were still wondering if the coronavirus crisis was going to be followed by an economic recession. If the crisis was short-lived, it was said then, it was possible that there would not be one. The crisis has not lasted shortly and now the brands already assume that they will have to navigate these complex waters. The first challenge that he believes companies will have to face for Warc is precisely that: they will have to respond to the recession.

The data on investment cuts are remarkable. The data indicates that 70% of brands plan to cut brand ads, 67% payments to agencies and 53% sponsorships and agreements. Some areas, such as online video, TikTok or mobile, will see a growth in their investment. Therefore, it is not just that the consumer’s budget changes and adjusts. So does that of advertisers. Effectiveness in ecommerce
As an expert explains in the Warc projections, during these months the familiarity of consumers with electronic commerce grew and habits were established that are not going to disappear. They will impact consumer preferences “in the months and years to come.”

Companies can no longer consider ecommerce as one more thing they could have but must see it as an essential piece. In fact, the ecommerce boom will change how it is distributed and will establish new models. Direct sales to the consumer will cease to be the exception to become something more and more common. This modifies the sales processes, but it also opens up new challenges. For example, delivery processes and packaging have become the new points of contact between brands and consumers.

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