Personalized advertising has many enemies. Some are almost classics. Others are new. Consumers are reluctant to format for what it entails in terms of invasion of privacy. At first, you could almost say that the entire forest was oregano. Consumers accepted data collection as a lesser evil.The ads were more relevant and more interesting, plus it kind of felt like it didn’t hurt much. The scandals related to the privacy of the information – like the one that led Facebook linked to the activity of Cambridge Analytics – caused that perception to fall like a house of cards.To that we must add, which brings us to this next moment of rejection of the format, that the privacy regulations and the activity of large internet companies have made things very complicated. The European data protection regulation, which is the pioneer in this field, has made the collection of data have to be more informed and gives more margin of control to the consumer.

Likewise, several companies are using privacy as an engine to try to connect with the user. It is being Iran Email List done by Google’s Chrome, which will block cookies by default from 2022 and this is also what Apple is doing, which has implemented privacy locks on its devices that limit the room for maneuver of third parties.Collecting information for them is much more complicated and that affects how advertising can be served. One of the great collateral damage is Facebook, which has been involved in a public war against Apple for this reason and has already recognized in the presentation of its latest financial results that the measure could have a potential impact on its accounts.And Facebook is, in the end, the protagonist of the new way to try to convince consumers that personalized advertising is not evil and that everything works better with it.

The Facebook campaign The company has just launched an advertising campaign that ‘sells’ the benefits of personalized ads to its users. The social network itself acknowledges to The Wall Street Journal that the campaign has nothing to do with its war against Apple, but is part of its usual efforts to try to convey what services it offers and its benefits. Still, the launch timeline draws attention.The campaign is an advertisement that will appear in digital media, radio and television programming in the US, as reported by the economic medium. Facebook will position it in broadcasts with audience pull. According to the Journal , in the planning of broadcasts there are basketball games but also the broadcast of the Golden Globes.”Good ideas deserve to be found. Personalized ads help you enter them”, is the slogan with which the ad closes.

The campaign, explains a spokeswoman for the social network to the US media, wants to “highlight the value of personalized ads and how important they are for people to discover small businesses.”Because that’s the other main leg of the campaign. Ads not only position themselves defending the importance of rationalization, but also appeal to its weight in the relationship of consumers with SMEs. With consumers being much more sensitive to SMEs right now and trying to support SMEs more, the Facebook movement is taking advantage of the zeitgeist.

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