You may not be following any sports and not being a sports enthusiast, yet it is quite likely that in recent months you have come across a type of sports-related ad that has become quite popular.Online gambling and betting houses have become the great sponsors of sporting events but also one of the recurring advertisers that use these great events as a hook to reach the audience. In recent months, his advertisements on television were therefore very common.This does not mean that bookmakers and online gambling companies do not use other hooks and do not advertise themselves in other ways. Online raffle and bingo ads exist and have nothing to do with sports on a large number of occasions. However, in recent times the link they have with sports and, above all, the impact that this generates has become more evident and more striking.Pervasive Ads and Sponsorship Sin fact, some statistics already indicate that 75% of football teams have a sports book as a sponsor and that 20% of the advertising time for football matches is already dedicated to this type of company.

The weight of these types of companies is also increasing, as companies in this sector are investing more money in advertising and marketing.Sports betting companies spent € 81.3 million on marketing in the second quarter of 2018. That is 55% more than they did last year in terms of spending. Of that expense, advertising took the largest part, with an expense of 41.1 million euros. Active users of these online platforms were on the rise and grew by 33.3% in the quarter. These latest data come from the quarterly report of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling.And as growth in marketing grows and the presence of online gambling and betting ads grows in sports environments, so have critical voices, pointing to the fact that advertising in the sector is poorly regulated.

Critics add that gambling online is very easy and that it is therefore not difficult to get hooked Pakistan WhatsApp Number List on the behavior. High exposure to ads would become a risk factor, especially since they are reaching young people in a noticeable way. Although the last online gambling law spoke that there had to be a regulation of advertising for these companies, the regulation does not exist in a concrete way.The industry – and its critics – are waiting for a decree law that sets the rules for how to sell the game online. Advertising is crucial for the online gaming and betting industry, as they themselves point out because they only operate online. For the sports industry (from teams to media covering them), it is one of their growing and powerful sources of income.

Eliminate online gambling advertising?This accumulation of issues could make online gambling and betting advertising a very complex situation for the media market and for the advertising market. In some countries of the European Union, this type of advertising has already been banned or attempts are being made to create very restrictive legal frameworks.In Spain, there are those who also point in that direction. One of the regulation proposals, the one launched by Podemos, seeks to prohibit these betting houses (applying the same scale that is used with tobacco or alcohol). Online gambling and betting companies would have to stop advertising, that advertising that has grown so much in recent times and has become part of the sports information landscape.

In fact, there are already those who have estimated how much money the media would lose with the blackout of these types of ads. The end of the advertisements of the betting houses and online gambling would cause the sports press to lose the 133 million euros that they now spend on promoting themselves. For specialized sports media, as they recall in El Español , the advertising of these companies had become the alternative left by the general drop in advertising investment.To this income should be added what it means for the sports teams themselves, of which they are sponsors, and for different figures in the industry (from athletes to actors, presenters and journalists) who are ambassadors for these brands.

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