The Association of Communication Users has denounced the paralysis of the regulatory development of the Gaming Regulation Law in advertising, which has been announced since 2013 and which until now no government has managed to approve.On the occasion of his speech at the conference “Responsibility in the use and consumption of gambling and betting”, organized by Hispacoop with the collaboration of the ONCE Foundation and the General Directorate of Consumption of the Ministry of Health, the president of AUC, Alejandro Perales, considered advertising regulation in the sector urgent and necessary, taking into account the social alarm that gambling generates, the public health problem associated with gambling disorders, its negative effects on the most disadvantaged sectors or its undue incidence among minors , despite the fact that it is an activity that should be aimed at adults.

Alejandro Perales also referred to Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List the recent update of the Code of Conduct on Commercial Communications of Gambling Activities approved by the industry, stating that the opportunity to consolidate a voluntary regulation model that effectively limits bad practices in the Advertising of the game, at a time when many social groups, political formations and even national regulations are considering the prohibition of all forms of commercial communication.For AUC, the updated Code should have addressed the prohibition of the so-called “welcome bonuses” (money that is offered to the new player), considering that it has a calling effect for people who have not considered playing and are dragged by the opportunity value of the offer and the false sense of security that having this bonus gives them.

The welcome bonuses, according to the association, are a lure that stimulates impulsive gambling and that, taking into account the conditions for the redemption of the bonuses and their dynamics, can lead the player to put significant amounts of money at risk.AUC also considers that gambling advertising should not allow celebrity testimony and prescription of any kind, while the code only restricts this presence to active athletes. The association also recalls that in the case of other goods and services whose inappropriate use can cause problems for the health and safety of people, this type of “celebrity advertising” is prohibited.

It should not be forgotten, in relation to the youngest, that in certain cases the so-called influences or you tubers, include in their videos incitement to gambling.The Association also advocates a greater restriction of times and places for gambling advertising, be it online or in person, in order to avoid viewing by minors, and requests special caution in the case of contextual advertising and behavioral in the case of web pages, increasing the security of the verification systems on gambling sites to prevent access to those who have not reached 18 years of age.

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