Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. The objective of AECEM is that professionals of the small and medium companies use the tools that electronic commerce provides to improve their productivity. For this purpose, the White Paper on electronic commerce has been drawn up, which contains the keys to being successful on the Internet.

The growth of electronic commerce in Senegal WhatsApp Number List despite the economic crisis, is proof of the strength of the online channel and its importance for the future of our economy. The Association of Electronic Commerce and Relationship Marketing (AECEM) is the most representative entity in the sector and with its more than 250 associated companies aims to disseminate the use of electronic commerce and relationship marketing as a source of competitive advantage and growth within all Economic sectors. For this, it has received a grant from the Avanza Plan to carry out a Roadshow in 10 Spanish cities to advise small and medium-sized companies on the benefits of electronic commerce. Las Palmas is the last city where AECEM will stop after visiting 9 cities and disseminating and promoting electronic commerce to thousands of local entrepreneurs in each region during the last 5 months. This project is subsidized by the Avanza Plan, developed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, to promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with the file number TSI-030100-2008-515. The project aims to improve the productivity of companies and reach the most developed countries of the European Union in this matter.

The possibility of taking this tour through the 10 cities allows “professionals who work in small companies and outside of large urban centers to access updated information, and learn from experts the necessary tools to start operating through the Internet. ”In the words of Martí Manent, president of AECEM. The project is also national in scope, but pays special attention to the target regions. This experience will culminate in the preparation of a White Paper on Electronic Commerce where leading experts in the sector have contributed their advice and experiences to successfully develop an e-commerce project. Learn about the success of e-commerce with first-rate speakers During the day of April 30, local businessmen will meet in a series of seminars that will deal with the online market in general, the most demanded products on the web, the elements of an electronic store (catalogs, product sheets, electronic invoices, shopping cart), means of payment, transactional security, digital marketing, aspects, etc.

The Canary SMEs that attend will be able to benefit from the program by exchanging experiences between the participating companies: Cyberclick, Demini, Paypal Spain,, IdeUp, Planeta eCommerce Network, OJD Interactiva, Comunica: The Internet Sales Company). In this way, it will be possible to influence the development of their skills and thus increase the use of electronic business tools in the company and become familiar with ICT in a natural way. These SMEs can benefit from the benefits of electronic commerce since they could be promoted in a new channel and obtain a wider range of customers because more than 50% of users would increase their purchases on the Internet if there was a greater offer in the country , according to the study on B2C electronic commerce 2008 by the observatory. AECEM estimates that by the end of the project, more than 1,000 professionals will have been trained from more than 600 companies installed in areas of the target regions.

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