The SuperBowl advertising break is one of the most expensive spaces to position a spot on television throughout the year, despite being somewhat limited to a country and a specific audience. A 30-second spot costs $ 5 million. Paying that money makes sense, because the ads have become just another part of the show .But not only that: the SuperBowl ads are a kind of catalog of the advertising industry. The ads you see during your break become a kind of snapshot of trends that can then be seen in the global ad market and will end up in many ads. If a beer brand makes people cry with an advertisement, then many brands of many and varied things will want to make us cry, as happened a few years ago.In the break, some trends of recent years were maintained, showing continuity. This is what happens with the announcement with principles, which was present in the break (it happened, for example, with the announcement that The Washington Post launched).Of course, there has also been “the classic American ad”, like the one for the brand that honors the emergency services or the one for Budweiser, which plays on a Bob Dylan song and with that classic image of the American West but with a twist ( It is to remember that they now use wind energy).Other trends were added to that.The use of the past as an element to connect with the presentBurger King used in its ad images of an Andy Warhol performance, in which he appears eating one of his hamburgers in the 80s. It was not an advertisement in origin, but an artistic video, but it serves Burger King not only to position itself as an eye-catching mode, but also to appeal to the past.

Coca-Cola also played with the Egypt WhatsApp Number List past and retro in a pre-game ad that started from … an Andy Warhol quote!Retro was also present in the ad for Doritos, who raised the Back Street Boys from the dead. Possibly a direct way to reach the hearts of millennials. The weight of film and series referencesSome of the most anticipated announcements of the advertising break were linked to audiovisual content, such as the trailers for the new version of Toy Story , the trailer for the new season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale (which also played the parallel with a political advertisement of the 80s and also appealed to the retro) or the advertisement of the new film by Jordan Peele (the director of the successful – and much talked about – Get Out ).References to series also had an echo in brand advertisements. The advert for Bud Light, a beer, was a crossover with the new season of Game of Thrones .

The results, in this case, were viewed quite critically.In fact, it is difficult to understand what is the point that the brand in question wants to sell with this message.Complicated messagesAlthough the truth is that this company is not the only one that has had an ad with a complicated message. Audi also wanted to be bold with its message and position itself in a striking way, also highlighting that its vehicles are going to be electric in the future in a prominent way, but as they point out in Deadline it did so by establishing a complicated comparison between its products and death.Creating very complicated messages can end up weighing down what you want to share and making it difficult to perceive what the message is.Others wanted to go too far and possibly did not reach consumers the way they wanted.

As noted in The Guardian , one of the strangest of the ads was one for Skittles, a brand of candy, which was not an ad, but a notice of what the ad is going to be. As an ad was too mainstream, they created a musical and released a kind of making of in the break.Internet culture Beyond a boring Mercedes ad in which it seems that the protagonist is asking Alexa or some voice assistant for everything, the internet culture has been very present. An unknown brand outside the US market is going to go viral in a much more global way thanks to an ad using ASMR, the trendy YouTube trend of making relaxing videos.The tech giants have also been present with their products. Amazon laughed again at themselves and Alexa as they did in last year’s edition. Microsoft toyed with the exciting story, although it wasn’t the only company to do so.

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