ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company A new study carried out by the Federation of Associations of Advertising Companies of Andalusia indicates that new technologies are a safe conduct that guarantees the employability of professionals in the sector. The research “Marketing and Marketing through Social Media. The future of Advertising 2.0 ”carried out by the Federation of Associations of Advertising Companies of Andalusia (FAEPA), financed by the European Social Fund, the Andalusian Employment Service and the Public State Employment Service, has had the participation of 432 workers in the advertising sector in Andalusia.

The study, which affects the workers of Advertising Luxembourg Email List Market Studies companies of 4,274 companies that bring together approximately 8,594 workers, has carried out a survey of the present and future of advertising in Andalusia. Clearly, the Internet space and Social Media are exerting an influence on advertising companies that has opened new market niches. In fact, more than half of the workers surveyed have taken training courses related to new technologies in order to improve their employability and adapt to the new requirements established by companies. Specialization is a characteristic highly valued by companies that are looking for professionals who know the new technologies applied to advertising and who know how to integrate their functions within the company in social networks. Regarding the specific software tools that are used in the work environment of workers, the study shows how there is still a high use of those that concern classic graphic design that coexist with more sophisticated software related to 3D or programming highly portable mobile devices. Some data that joins the interest in applications aimed at virtual environments and Social Media.

One of the statements of the study establishes that the “web and networks lead us to glimpse an important gap between current trends in the field of advertising creation and the reality that is still lived in work environments by a large part of Workers”. Therefore, it is necessary to continue advancing in this technological adaptation to achieve a change in the professional profiles demanded by the sector. “Andalusian companies face an important challenge: improve their production systems aimed at online advertising. Hire more and better professionals who direct their work specifically to this medium ”.According to the study, a look at the future of the new profiles intensifies the presence of the figure of the community manager, the content manager or the facilitator, who are still not very relevant in companies and, without a doubt, the trend will make their value a necessity .The figures show that the volume of work for comprehensive Internet campaigns is still low in Andalusia, but the trend towards change is already clearly noticeable, since the workers themselves (in almost 65% of the cases) indicate that there have been changes in companies due to the online phenomenon. The so-called 2.0 advertising that integrates the Social Network as a workspace for the advertiser, where to direct the attention of the users and achieve a high ROI for the advertiser, is configured as a reality that will be increasingly intense.

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