The 2019 InfoAdex Study of Advertising Agencies is the nineteenth edition of a global analysis that each year looks at the main subjects of the advertising sector with the advertisers and brands they work for.The agency study analyzes the “advertising investment managed” by the agencies, understanding as such the economic impact of the advertising campaigns and actions carried out by the agencies in the conventional media, in terms of the investment controlled by InfoAdex in values ​​estimated as real.

The study considers investment in conventional media (television, including both national Namibia Phone Number List and regional channels that broadcast free-to-air and pay television, newspapers, magazines, radio, Sunday, cinema, outdoor advertising and the Internet) controlled by InfoAdex and neither investment in unconventional media nor that corresponding to research, production, agency fees, nor other investment concepts related to advertising or commercial communication are included. Logically, the investment is always referred to the national scope, not counting the one carried out in international media.

The fundamental basis of the study is the advertising investment figures controlled by InfoAdex, valued with the methodology and criteria used in the preparation of the InfoAdex Study of Advertising Investment in Spain 2019, which handles the advertising data for 2018.ADVERTISING AGENCIESThe accounts of 37 advertising agencies that have collaborated in the study have been analyzed, and investment has been imputed to 2,271 direct brands, belonging to 658 advertisers, detected in the InfoAdex control.The investment managed by these 37 advertising agencies amounts to 2,407.1 million euros, which represents 54.7% of the advertising investment controlled by InfoAdex in values ​​estimated as real in 2018.

In the first six months of the year, advertising investment directed to conventional media has decreased by -2.2% over the equivalent period of the previous year, showing a figure of 2,115.3 million euros, compared to 2,163.3 million euros. 2018.Television continues to be the first medium in terms of its investment volume, although it shows a negative growth of -5.6%, reaching 1,042.6 million euros in the first half of the year. The Internet remains in second place in the media ranking, registering a growth of 9.9%, which translates into an investment, in the period January-June 2019, of 382.3 million euros. Radio concentrates an investment of 208.6 million euros that places it in third position, with an increase of 2.9%.

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