The emailing campaign is a very effective prospecting technique for generating new customers or promoting a new service. But acquiring qualified and targeted emails is often tedious and can be very expensive. So, how do you go about enriching your prospect base quickly and cheaply? Quite simply by using techniques from growth hacking. To collect emails on the web, it is first necessary to identify the type of prospect to target (for example the company’s HR manager) then list the directories, sites or companies linked to the prospects. The essential example of a site is of course the LinkedIn platform.

Here are the 5 best tools that will allow you to Azerbaijan Phone Number List retrieve the email addresses of your B2B prospects: Email Extractor, a Chrome extension for scraping emails on the web Email Extractor is a Chrome extension that recovers emails from visited sites. Operation is simple: just open the tool window when visiting a web page to see all the email addresses on the page appear. All you have to do is copy and paste the addresses to integrate them into your database or export them in CSV or TXT format. The tool retrieves emails from websites, Google Sheet documents, Google Doc or even Google search results. Specific features of the tool: Simple and efficient The autosave function (premium version) allows automatic backup in the cloud of all the email addresses of the sites visited The automation function (premium version) automates visits up to 1000 URLs Price :Free Premium at $ 9.99 / month to access the backup of 5,000 emails.

Find email from a domain name Created by a French developer and bought by Americans, this SaaS mode tool offers several advantages. It makes it possible to search for mails, to enrich them, to check them and even offers a routing tool. The email search is done by entering the nes of the tool: Pleasant and ergonomic interface Possible enrichment of data (company name, function, location, LinkedIn profile and social networks) Email veame of the desired prospect and the domain name of the company. Specific featurird-party applications (Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Mailrification to increase the deliverability of emailing campaigns Multiple uses: online, via API, Gmail plugin, Chrome extension, integrations into thchimp, etc.) Price :Free up to 50 leads Monthly subscription or purchase of credits4 premium versions from $ 39 / month for 1000 leads to $ 399 / month for 50,000 leads All premium versions have API access and bulk search Verification and enrichment features are billed by credits in addition Site :

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