In business competition, getting into the game sooner or later is never the criterion for predicting success. Those core products that occupy a mainstream position are often not the first to start. Such as Tencent. Many of the products that ordinary people use every day are not original innovations of Tencent. And some people have even taken the lead, but Tencent can rely on the momentum of latecomers to counterattack. From QQ to WeChat, from Moments to video accounts, there is nothing better. This is not Tencent’s exclusive style of play. But a common method of Internet companies. And it is also an ability for giants to incubate new products by relying on their traffic foundation. Especially under the personal auspices of the super product manager Zhang Xiaolong, a function or product that users are accustomed to, after his re-understanding and thinking, there is still room for new development.

What else does the WeChat keyboard have?

One of the latest footnotes is that in the input method field. Where the market is close to saturation and the commercialization prospects are limited. Tencent has played a new card-WeChat keyboard. In the ancient field of input methods, the business path of products is not clear. Even with huge traffic, it is still difficult to escape the fate of “toolization”. The last time the input method was endowed with some kind of magical power or energy, it was Wang Xiaochuan who regarded it as a key base in the “three-stage Dubai Phone Number rocket” theory. In the WeChat world, the input method is not an unfathomable existence, or it has been assumed some kind of difficult mission. It is just a function that hopes to make the user experience better. However, these do not prevent us from studying how the latecomer advantage of Internet products is formed.

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Make better tools

The WeChat keyboard, which looks exactly like the native input method of the system, is not a plug-in embedded in WeChat, but an independent APP. In addition to being able to start typing in WeChat, it can still run when switched to other software. Different from other  B2B Lead similar products, the “smart recommendation” function of the WeChat keyboard is refreshing. When the user enters “key words” in the chat dialog box, in the word selection column, there will be corresponding applets, official accounts, or song-related content. Enter the name of the official account and push it directly in the form of a card. Most of the entered movie or book titles are scored by Douban, and WeChat reading is carried out in a small program in WeChat, and music is sent by QQ Music.


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