But, not everything is going to be good, is not an easy task . Let’s see some tips to develop a good storytelling strategy. How to do a good storytelling everyone knows how to tell stories, but not all of them are interesting or attractive. In the process of creating your story you have to be very careful, because not all of them work . Those stories that have Germany WhatsApp Number List been relevant in the world of marketing usually have some common characteristics. Let’s see them through some useful creative tips to attract the audience: simple city: no complications! Simple stories reach the audience more . The possible complex elements or more than one story can alienate the viewer, losing all interest in it.

Simplicity and Clarity

To expose the narrative thread of your story. Let us remember that the public demands immediacy. Emotion: the stories have to be emotional or, what is the same. They, have to be able to create an emotional bond with the public. For many experts, the main objective is to try to transport the viewer to the depths of the story. In, the best Germany WhatsApp Number List of cases, to empathize and make the audience feel fully identified with the story and characters. The perfect story! Conflict/solution: a good story must draw attention through a conflict and through. But, it is also a pioneering company that is highly specialized in the use of storytelling to reinforce its brand image.

Care Profile of the Characters:

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The characters in a story are the fundamental element through which the viewer can be identified. Therefore , the construction of these characters must be severely studied under the traits and characteristics of the target audience . The more real, simple and emotional stories possible, the more likely they are to captivate the Germany WhatsApp Number List audience and go viral. Visual storytelling: examples of success there is no doubt that marketing campaigns based on storytelling techniques work , and if they are successful they offer an impact of incalculable value. Let’s see some examples of success cases in the use of good stories: 1. Nike nike is one of the big companies in its sector.

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