The advertising discourse is steeped in borrowings from all kinds of sciences. Its purpose is none other than to promote its primary purpose: to sell.One of those that occupies a prominent place since its inception is psychology.The historic contribution in the famous march -Torches of Freedom- in 1929 by Edward Bernays, Freud’s nephew psychologist, laid the foundations for a solid collaboration between both disciplines that has lasted until today. Bernays got women to smoke for the North American tobacco industry, something until then reserved for men. His contribution, based on the detection of motivations, allowed the tobacco industry to double its income in record time.And, if advertising has refined its techniques of persuasion, segmentation and targeting, psychology has also advanced on many fronts.His latest findings, one has already begun to be applied in advertising: the dream incubation TDI directed or targeted dream incubation. And not. It is not the title of an unreleased Kubrick film. It is a technique developed by psychologist Deirdre Barrett, a professor at Harvard Medical School, although there are other studies such as the DORMIO project at MIT that seek to use dreams as a factor that enhances creativity.The SuperBowl’s gold adAs you know, the SuperBowl is one of the world’s most passionate sporting events. Among others, the advertising. Brands and advertisers fight to meet prohibitive advertising fees in order to run their commercials. In 2019 the price of a 30 “ad was $ 5.6 million.Seizing the opportunity of a millionaire audience is everything. So this year Coors Beer and the DDB Agency signed Deirdre Barrett.In late 2020, the DDB Agency assembled a small group of people in a makeshift laboratory in California.

A teaser video published on January 27 was born from their experience. But what did it Malta Email List consist of? You may be wondering.Let’s start at the beginning. In 2021 Coors will not be able to air SuperBowl ads at the February 7 games, because Belgian Anheuser-Busch InBev has bought the exclusive rights to beers. Something painful for an advertiser like Molson Coors, who does not seem resigned to being “present.”His strategy is to connect Coors Light and Coors Seltzer, taking as allies the unconscious minds of his target group.At this point, ethics sets off all the alarms. Aware of this, Colin Selikow executive creative director of DDB argues: “what we propose is a voluntary experience.

There is a big difference between doing something subliminal, where people are not aware of it, and something that is completely voluntary with very willing participants. “.Coors and DDB conducted the experiment in a Los Angeles sleep laboratory with 26 people who were familiar with the brand. They monitored their REM cycles for two nights, waking them at various times to learn about their dreams.They were previously exposed to a film in which they saw images associated with Coors such as snow, mountain streams or soft drinks. During their sleep, they played an eight-hour soundscape as background music.According to Marcelo Páscoa, Coors Vice President of Marketing, “The dreams that the participants had were beyond my wildest expectations. They all talked about refreshing dreams, dreams that had a lot to do with Coors Light and Coors Seltzer.

They talked about snow, they talked of mountains, they spoke of rivers, all the elements that are iconic in the universes of both brands. “How did it all come about?The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 meant that Deirdre Barrett supervised the process remotely. As a dream expert and editor of DREAMING magazine, she conducted a survey of pandemic anxiety dreams in 2020.Among his conclusions, he revealed that numerous people had had anxiety dreams at times of the pandemic investigated the growing interest in dreams during the pandemic and decided to capitalize on it for its creative concept. The underlying idea is to contribute an anecdote to the tension we are experiencing.Proof of this is the testimony of the participants of his experiment: “people woke up feeling calm, relaxed and renewed. The general result was positive and not manipulative”.

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