IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Take-Ad-Way was born as the first online advertising platform that creates, produces and distributes Spots2.0® for Internet and mobile, created with a low cost profile. A new way of creating, producing and distributing spots for the Internet and mobile.

A tool for online marketing that gives access to Qatar WhatsApp Number List which can be developed in record time and at a very affordable price. Take-Ad-Way is presented as the perfect ally for brands that want to reach the consumer through non-traditional channels, with friendly, daring and direct ads that invite word of mouth. This is how Spots2.0® were born, a concept registered by Take-Ad-Way, given its adaptation to Web2.0, based on the conversation, cooperation and interaction of people with the usual senders of messages and websites, the companies. A second online wave that has turned the network into a social event, where the user takes an active role, being able to contribute their grain of sand with opinions, criticisms and comments. Take-Ad-Way revolutionizes the market by simplifying to the maximum the process of contracting, creation, production and commissioning of Spots2.0®. This simplification allows reaching the point that, through the simplest operation, called Take-Ad-Way Basic, it is possible to obtain a Spot2.0® in just 7 days, from the moment the client orders the creativity until, once produced, it is housed in the distribution platform, and from only € 4,000. This is how a product accessible to more market segments is achieved and favoring the democratization of advertising.

On the other hand, Take-Ad-Way has set up its division for communication professionals and advertising agencies under the name Take-Ad-Way PRO, with the same low-cost profile, but different in production time and cost. An option adapted to the specific needs of professionals interested in expanding their service offerings to their clients in the online environment. Advertising agencies, media agencies, events agencies, online marketing professionals have in Take-Ad-Way PRO the perfect tool to access new formulas in the communication of their clients. Thus, the Spots2.0® stand out for their effectiveness when it comes to communicating product or brand campaigns, spreading promotions, stimulating viral marketing campaigns, promoting events and even managing crises, due to the short time it takes to take action that allows them to react very quickly. a crisis of perception of brands or companies caused in forums, blogs …Furthermore, one of the main features and utilities of the Spots2.0®, offered by Take-Ad-Way, is the possibility of attaching a promotion or a questionnaire at the end of the spot to provide information to the advertiser, resulting in possible tests of creativity and market research; a highly recommended option that is left to the customer’s choice. Also, promoting the use of the distribution of Spots2.0® via e-mailing, mobile phone, websites, microsites, newsletters, blogs, social networks, forums, widgets, YouTube and the Google Ads tool, which allows you to buy web spaces where By locating the Spot2.0® Player (banner) on sites related to the target of the campaign, Take-Ad-Way manages to reach the consumer in a micro-segmented and personal way and offer two-way communication.

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