As in practically everything, in electronic sports you can also speak of a pre-coronavirus and post-coronavirus reality. Before the health crisis, eSports was already a rising ground for brands and companies, who were discovering them and who were understanding how they functioned as a way to reach the elusive market of younger consumers. Millionaire audiences, the e-sports pull, and audience engagement – who play but also watch tournaments – were establishing them as the next big favorites.After and during the health crisis, electronic sports became the alternative, the patch with which many players in the industry tried to fill the void left by traditional sports. Even the television specialized in sports, which found themselves with a gap of hours of programming, tried to fill those gaps with eSports broadcasts.

Alternative sports were Vietnam Email List positioned as the great alternative.This is not to say that esports did not have to face problems. They had them. The rules of social distance and other preventive measures against the coronavirus also affected the major championships and events of eSports. Still, their electronic nature made it easier for them to generally adapt to the situation. In addition, the crisis helped new users discover them.And indeed, the growth has been remarkable, as an Insider Intelligence study points out. It is not just that they have taken up more space on the agenda, but they have also managed to connect more with advertisers.

They have become a more prominent piece of sports marketing.The Insider Intelligence study provides data from the US and global markets and both together allow us to see how things have grown. Although the fall in investment in video advertising affected industry revenues, they expect US year-end advertising revenue from e-sports to be $ 196 million, 12% more than the previous year. .According to Insider Intelligence accounts, this is $ 3 million more than what was estimated pre-coronavirus. In 2021, they will grow 15% and move 225 million dollars in advertising in that market.The numbers will continue to rise in the near future.

As they explain in the analysis, as the industry matures it will become more attractive to advertisers and more advertising and marketing actions will be done, which will mean more associated revenue.The distribution of the cakeBut how is the advertising pie in electronic sports distributed right now and what is the main relationship that the industry establishes with companies and brands? This is where Insider Intelligence offers global market data, based on an estimate from e Marketer. From the outset, the main source of income for eSports is sponsorship. At the end of 2020, they will amount to 584.1 million dollars and will have registered an increase of 7.5% year-on-year.

Advertisers are, therefore, the main source of derived income they have in these sports.By total figures, it is followed by the sale of media rights, which will close this year with a growth of 3.3% and revenues of 163.3 million dollars. Behind her are the only two sources of income that will fall this year, something understandable given the situation created by the corona virus. They are the costs of publishers (108.9 million, -11.6%) and those derived from merchandising and ticket sales (76.2 million and -27.9%).The highest growth rates this year have occurred in those categories connected to consumption from home. Thus, revenues from the digital segment will rise by 60.9% (reaching 21.5 million dollars) and those from streaming by 44.9% (19.9 million).

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