If something awakens sports, it is emotion . An inseparable pairing that is linked to the experiences that each of us live, whether as fans, spectators, consumers or practitioners. But what happens when all sports-related activities are interrupted? Where and how are our emotions?Two months ago all sports disciplines were banned and there were many of us who saw as the sports club that we supported our entire lives, as well as the competitions that we follow or want to participate, are interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, spectators and athletes, we had to put aside our hobbies to adapt to a scenario without sports.Faced with this new reality caused by the Covid-19 pandemic: How have sports brands or associations reacted?If we analyze sports communication in times of Covid-19, we realize that many brands have stopped investing in advertising to carry out contingency plans that involve cutting substantial items in their marketing and communication departments. A situation that may be familiar to us, since we have seen how it has also happened in many other sectors.Then the famous aphorism comes to mind: “if you don’t communicate, you don’t exist . ” We are not only talking about advertising, but we are talking about communicating strategically. In times of Covid-19, it is essential to think and define the message to be transmitted, as well as to select the means through which to transmit it to our target.According to a study by Kantar, 75% of the population in Spain do not want brands to take advantage of the situation simply to promote themselves , but what they hope is that they show how they can be useful in the new daily life (83%) or inform about their efforts to cope with the situation (81%).Thus we see how, from the beginning of the pandemic, sports brands and sports groups needed to communicate and adapt the message to the context of the moment.Do you want to know how sports brands and associations have adapted their communication to support society?Here are some examples of how sports brands and clubs have adapted their communications to the new reality.

To do this, they have mainly used the digital environment, a medium that has allowed Montenegro Email List them to adapt quickly and get to where their target is: NikeWhen we think of Nike, we all come to mind: “Just do it.” A slogan that, without a doubt, prompts us to act. Along the same lines, the brand surprised us with a campaign that promoted the same idea of ​​acting but did so from a totally different perspective: acting for the common good . For this, Nike promoted the idea of ​​staying at home.”If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world”With this campaign, Nike positioned itself in favor of following sanitary measures and appealed to social responsibility.AFA – Argentine Football Association Nelson Mandela said that sport has the power to unite people and from the Argentine Football Association they have it clear.

For this reason, and after canceling all sporting events due to the spread of the virus, the Association decided to launch an emotional campaign to ask the population to stay home. There are no words to talk about the campaign, you just have to see it.LaLigaLaLiga wanted to pay tribute to all the professionals who fight daily to end Covid-19 through the “Tribute” spot. In it we see how they join all the applause that fills the streets daily at eight in the afternoon. Because we all know that in sport a gesture, a shout of encouragement or applause gives strength, thus they have made a simile with the support they want to offer to medical services and all essential services professionals.

Union Adarve Sports GroupNot all communication campaigns are carried out by big clubs or brands, but we also find the example of the A. D Unión Adarve who launched a video to fight against Covid-19 that went viral on social networks. In the video we see how they appeal to citizen solidarity and urge the audience to stay at home with phrases such as “Every street that we keep without people brings closer the day that we will enjoy again.” Once again, we see how sport is used to invoke emotion, bring society together and achieve the same goal: “There are reasons and this match we all won together.”

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