Spain is going to be the market in which advertising investment will fall the most at the end of this year. This is what the latest study by eMarketer on advertising investment and its forecasts for the end of the year has just made clear.Overall, eMarketer expects growth in the global advertising market to be negative. On average, investment in advertising will fall by 4.5% worldwide. Even so, many countries – and with very strong advertising markets – will be well above that average drop. And in the ranking of countries that are positioned in this situation, Spain is the market with the highest percentage.The Spanish market leads the ranking of the ten countries that are positioned in the queue for growth in investment in advertising. The projections of eMarketer suggest that Spain will close 2020 with -14% in ad spending compared to last year. This leads to surpassing Italy (-13.3%) and India (-12.9%), the other two countries in which investment will fall the most.Spain’s position in the global advertising market also collapses. As pointed out in the eMarketer analysis, this drop takes the Spanish market from position 30 that it occupied among the markets tracked by eMarketer to the tail.The other countries that occupy the top 10 of those that will close the year with the worst data are Peru (-12.2%), Argentina (-12.1%), Mexico (12%), France (-11.8%) , Brazil (-11.6%), Indonesia (-10.2%) and Thailand (-9.8%).

Only China will close 2020 with minimal growthThe countries that are outside of this top 10 present Sweden Consumer Email List better results, but that does not mean that they will grow. Of the 37 advertising markets that eMarketer follows around the world, only one will close this year with growth in advertising investment and it will do so by the minimum. It will be China, where advertising spending will grow by 0.3%.The rest of the markets, including New Zealand and despite their optimal management of the coronavirus crisis, will close 2020 with a drop in advertising investment. The United States, for example, and despite the fact that the presidential elections are an immense engine in advertising investment, will close the year with a decline in advertising investment of 4.1%.

As pointed out in eMarketer, they have had to adjust their forecasts for the end of the year and downwards because the second quarter was very bad in general (“worse than expected”) and because the growth of cases in many countries causes them to fear new closings. They fear it, they point out, for the United Kingdom, Spain and France. The latter country, in fact, has already announced that it is going to re-enter confinement. It will do so until next December 1.What this means in numbersWhat does this mean in terms of money? I mean, how many billions of dollars have evaporated from global ad spend? The study data points to overwhelming amounts. This year, $ 614.03 billion will have been invested in advertising, less than the $ 691.5 billion with which the advertising investment was closed in 2019.

That figure won’t return until next year. eMarketer expects ad spend to recover in 2021 and return to pre-pandemic amounts.In fact, in 2021, eMarketer estimates that, globally, investment in digital advertising will grow by 16.4%. It will be much more than the 7.9% who expect advertising to rise in traditional media.And, in a way, these growth forecasts are not the only good news in the consulting firm’s accounts. Although the data may seem overwhelmingly negative, the truth is that the forecast for the end of the year is better than the one that eMarketer managed a few months ago. In June I expected a global fall of 4.9% in advertising investment and not the 4.5% as now estimated.

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