Every time we are surrounded by more screens, more media, more information. All this new large number of elements that share space with us are not only making us surrounded by more data, more news and more entertainment content, but also that brands and companies are more and more present. We are surrounded by advertisements and advertising accompanies us on a recurring basis, while companies and their products stalk us from more and more windows and under more and more formats. It seems increasingly difficult not to meet them and not receive their information.And yet, brands and companies continue to search for ways to reach consumers and continue to seek new ways to connect with audiences.

They want new windows to connect with them and new spaces to reach consumers, especially Senegal WhatsApp Number List as the different spaces they conquer become less relevant and as consumers get used to them and incorporate them into a kind of noise of bottom.The list of new spaces for advertising that have been managed or that brands and companies have been exploring is varied and varied. For example, there are those who are working to turn the windshield of cars into a space to access information, a kind of screen, which would also serve to see and receive messages from brands. And, to put another emerging option, smart speakers and voice assistants for the home of the tech giants are becoming, precisely, the key to access many more services and much more information on the part of consumers and in the new platform used by brands.

But the borders to be conquered are still far beyond and could reach aspects that seem difficult to imagine. The next frontier could be space.For now it is not something firm, but something that is being worked on (and something that points out ways). NASA is thinking of opening the door to sponsorship and advertising in order to raise funds. The new head of the US space agency, Jim Debridement, has acknowledged that the NASA committee is going to analyze the potential of the idea and the possibility of commercializing its operations in lower orbits in order to raise capital for its more ambitious operations.

NASA is an American public agency, but one that has lost its budget in recent times. This makes it more difficult to meet their objectives (such as trips to the Moon or Mars), so they need capital. The capital could come via advertising.What NASA would sellWhat could NASA commercialize? They would range from naming rights to rockets and other special vehicles to employing astronauts to advertise products. As they point out in Engadget, analyzing the words of another of the agency’s committee members, it could even open the door for astronauts to even record announcements on the space station.

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