The software publisher must design and implement the relevant marketing automation scenarios, to support the prospect in his purchasing journey until converting him into a customer. Nature of the product marketed, maturity of the lead, sales objectives, customer needs… so many elements to take into account for an efficient workflow! Zoom on 4 marketing automation scenarios to quickly transform your touchpoints, and submit qualified leads to salespeople. What workflow following the request for a white paper? A central element of your inbound marketing strategy , the white paper turns your visitors into contacts. And after ? It remains to convert them into leads! Your white paper is finalized, ready to be massively downloaded (by your target customers) from your website.

You Algeria Phone Number List a post on social networks to encourage downloading. The prospect is redirected to the landing page of your site: a new visitor to your credit! Convinced of the interest of your content, the visitor fills out the form to download the white paper : he becomes a valuable point of contact …Of course, you send him the white paper. Then you apply the following marketing automation scenario .Your goal : to bring the prospect to maturity, quickly and efficiently. Inbound marketing software companies white paper free download The stages of the scenario following a request for a white paper1 st step: fill in the blank book with a customer case study If the White Paper sets out the theory, the case study puts it into practice . A concrete example that helps to project and increases confidence in the product, to lead the prospect to make a decision in favor of your software. A few hours from the download of the white paper, send a customer case proposal email. Several possible outcomes at this stage, each determining steps to follow: The prospect downloads the customer case study : make a meeting with a sales representative. The prospect does not download the customer case : send it back as soon as possible (around 3 days), as long as it is “hot”. The final step in this marketing automation scenario is scheduling an appointment with a salesperson. If the prospect does not make an appointment, you present your key point: a free trial . Offer the free trial after a reasonable cooling-off period – approximately 7 days after the appointment proposal or case referral.

Also to discover: [Customer case] How Clearnox multiplied its number of leads by 20 thanks to Web Conversion Which marketing automation scenario for obtaining an XYZ score? The more he progresses in his purchasing journey, the more points the contact earns. Reading an article, clicks, subscribing to the newsletter, opening an email… each action earns more or less points, and the score influences the maturity of the lead . Some contacts accumulate points, without taking any decisive action in their purchasing decision – downloading a white paper, requesting a demonstration, etc. Your objective : initiate a meeting to present your software and your sales arguments , in order to convince the prospect during the evaluation or purchase phase. The workflow for issuing an XYZ score Configure your marketing automation scenario to offer an appointment immediately after a relevant action by the contact . Be careful, timing is crucial! At night and on weekends in particular, the appointment proposal email is perceived as an automatic email. However, the personalization of communication works in your favor: favor working hours and days.

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