Andrés Alejandro Piñate Andrés Alejandro Piñate, has a Bachelor of Business and Administration from Preston University, began Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences It is well known that an epic 2012 awaits us, in which product managers must offer truly competitive and differentiating products to be able to face the changes that are coming at all levels: economic, market, social, without prejudice or fear.

Nothing better than preaching Nepal Email List several examples to generate “authentic credibility” to the vision and product mission statements for 2012.The new habits of prosumers and the adoption of new formats Gone forever “the advertising comfort zone”. Now marketers must be every second on the wave of advertising innovation and a vast documentation of trends, studies, behaviors following the prosumers who today use and create digital content services, social networks such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. Between 2010 and 2011 alone, the use of social networks soared from 33% to 60%, online music downloads increased from 22% to 46%, mobile Internet use almost tripled and access to music and video through mobile phones it multiplied by four, from 7% to 35%. And as a personal key, put a philosophy into your strategic thinking: the long tail. Changes in ad spend This is the part of the ecosystem that we have seen grow very slowly (and many of us are very desperate). It has been difficult to explain the “obvious” advantages that the Internet has represented over other media for three years and today, the discourse focuses on “integrality” and the way in which all the options converge one with the other. However, the Internet is a medium with digital formats that provide advertisers with the ability to more effectively measure and analyze the results of campaigns to demonstrate the value of their investments.

Platform integration This is a comfort zone that has collapsed. There is life after the 30 second spot! (Today creativity is the absolute barrier). What are the new digital formats? Name them, banners, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, conversational marketing on social networks, online videos, mobile phones, games, digital TV, email marketing, gadgets, applications, feeds, etc; something that IBM calls “brands-actional”, where they can be covered on the one hand, a marketing that offers a fast return on investment and on the other, a marketing oriented to the brand image. Adaptation of content providers to meet new demands Here I cannot agree more that current content providers (agencies, distributors, record labels, content owners, producers, etc.) are not prepared to meet the demands of consumers and digital advertisers. There is even the perception in 80% of advertising professionals that it takes at least five years for the sector to be able to offer advertising that is truly applicable to different platforms (including sales, distribution, measurement and analysis).Consumers can no longer be considered as “the audience”. They are at the same time readers, editors and marketers; especially the younger ones Being competitive is not the same as looking like it. Sociologists tell us that we live in the society of appearance, where it does not matter what one is, but what one “appears to be.” As an initial strategy, pretending is profitable; the problem arises when it is necessary to demonstrate the quality of the products, the excellence of the services, the tangible and palpable reality.

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