Before any development of a commercial strategy, it is important to start thinking about the marketing objectives sought in your marketing mix .Indeed, your success will depend on the relevance of your marketing objective. In order to set relevant objectives, it is important not to confuse the concept of objective with that of finality. Your finality is to develop your activity; the objectives correspond to the means implemented to achieve your success .Setting a marketing goal is often hard work of thought that makes many people back down. This effectively requires knowing how to find a balance: your goal must be ambitious but not unrealizable. This definition step is then crucial, the relevance of your objectives will result in your success!

To be and stay efficient Estonia Phone Number List objective SMART method is particularly relevant. What does this method consist of? How to proceed to formulate perfect Smart Marketing objectives? Answers. What is a smart lens? The smart objective methodology helps you define a marketing objective in a clear way, which allows you to establish an effective and productive strategy. Smart marketing has the particularity of helping you to develop concrete , achievable and therefore motivating objectives !The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Acceptable / Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound . The implementation of a smart goal applies in different areas such as project management, management, marketing, but also inbound marketing.

Overall, this method reminds us of the five indicators necessary for the effective formulation of your marketing objectives. increase your B2B customer acquisition in digital marketing What are the origins of the SMART method? In 1954, in his book “The Practice of Management”, Peter F. Drucker (business management theorist, 1909 – 2005) defined the concept of management by objectives (MBO, Management By Objectives). This concept consists of setting quantitative and / or qualitative objectives within a defined time horizon . Peter F. Drucker also specifies that it is necessary to seek to involve the members of a team in the definition of objectives, then to seek to measure and evaluate the performance of these. Without formally using the acronym SMART, P. Drucker lays the foundations of the concept. We have to wait for an article by George T. Doran (professor in management, 1935 – 2011), “There is a SMART way to write management’s goals and objectives” (in Management Review, vol. 70, Issuell., 1980), to see appear the concept of SMART goal. Doran specifies that SMART goals should be used as guidelines .What do the five indicators of a SMART goal mean?Now let’s take a look at the five indicators of a smart lens while attempting a general explanation. Indeed, understanding these five criteria will help you to better integrate them, to then transpose them effectively to your Smart marketing

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