Big data, artificial intelligence, analytics, predictions … The language of marketing and advertising has been filled with scientific and technological words and technology and science have become a kind of almost sacred element for the industry. As technological development progressed, elements and more elements were incorporated into the daily work of marketers and advertisers. Technology helped to be much more efficient, to reach consumers in a much more direct way and to create messages that connected in a much more personal and much more effective way with audiences.In recent years, it could be said that a kind of cult of technology has started, a kind of race to adapt to new tools and to take advantage of their full potential. No one doubts that technology – and science, as can be the case in the application of neuroscience to marketing – have a lot of potential and help a lot for those responsible for marketing and advertising to do their job well and to achieve the best results.But this reality and being clear that technology and science can help make things better should not lose sight of another very important issue, such as the weight of creative work. Technology and science shouldn’t kill creativity.And creativity is especially important in advertising. Advertising has used creative talent for decades to stand out and to reach potential consumers. The classic of the series about the work of publicists, Mad Men , showed it well: its protagonists, creatives of an advertising agency that was going through various commercial stages, managed to fascinate their clients using their creative potential.His brilliant ideas were the ones that surprised and caught, although with the passage of time they also had to give way to new elements in their daily work, such as market research.The power of creativity Obviously, in 2018 it does not make much sense to work like the New York publicists of the late 50s did, but you do not have to completely eliminate some of the elements that were crucial in your day to day.

The fact that we have advanced a few decades and that we have entered a much more technological society should not make us lose sight of the fact that creativity Lebanon WhatsApp Number List is very important to connect with the consumer.In fact, we just have to think about what makes us read the latest hit novel or see the latest blockbuster movie. The industries behind both products have possibly done a very important job of positioning them and have achieved that everyone is talking about them, which helps the consumer to know that product. But what causes you to be stuck in a cinema or in front of the screen during the two hours that the film lasts or what causes you to turn pages and more pages while the book is devoured is not the marketing that has made everyone talk. of it: it is the creativity of the work behind the story in question.And the same goes for ads. If you want the story to come and especially if you want the story to be seen, there is no choice but to use creative work.

It takes creativity to generate a message that connects with the audience and captures their attention. The values ​​that will do it, such as surprise or empathy, are closely linked to creative work.Very efficient segmentation using big data helps the message reach whoever it has to reach, but it will not make the consumer feel surprised or excited about the message that is being transmitted. That will have to be done by the message itself and the way in which it has been constructed.Creativity, the key to anti noiseIn addition, creativity is even more important in these times, since it is increasingly difficult for companies to position their messages. In a market where consumers are exposed to more noise, more screens and more information, attracting attention is increasingly difficult.

Not being another element of the background noise is very complicated and very difficult and companies have to find the key to stand out from all the information that consumers receive every day. The key may be in creativity, which is what makes the message unique, different and distinct.On the other hand, what is creative is not only the anti-noise key, but also the way to ensure that something that is initially annoying is not so annoying. Consumers hate ads, and yet they end up searching YouTube to see some of them. Those ads that we do want to see have something in common that others do not have: they are especially creative and are almost a masterpiece for that in their field as content.

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