How does SEO work on YouTube?

Before knowing everything related to SEO work on YouTube, we are going to understand what this Digital Marketing strategy consists of. SEO refers to the acronym in English “Search Engine Optimization” and consists of a set of strategies. Techniques that are carried out in order to improve and enhance the positioning of a website SEO Service in search engines. Well, once the concept is understood, let’s see what SEO strategies on YouTube consist of. YouTube contains its own search system to facilitate the search for information. For users through channels and videos that are within its index.

In short, we could say that the main objective of working on SEO positioning on YouTube is to offer what the user is looking for on this platform. Once the user performs a search on YouTube. The bots begin to track within its index those channels and videos that could meet the search intent. This is where positioning on YouTube comes into play.

How to position a video on YouTube in 9 steps?

When we talk about how to position videos on YouTube, we must consider a series of key factors to comply with good positioning practices on YouTube.

  1. Carry out an optimal search and selection of keywords

The search and selection of keywords are an essential factor when SEO work on YouTube uploading content on YouTube SEO friendly. Thanks to them, the platform knows what the video is about, indexes the content within its index and associates it with a certain search intention of the users. These target keywords will be include in the title, description, tags, hashtags, etc. of our videos.

One of the main advantages of carrying out a search and selection of keywords is that. They will not only help YouTube to correctly identify each of your videos. But it will also allow you to attract a larger interested audience to your channel.

These are some tips to carry out good Keyword Research:

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2.     Select the title of your video

The title of a YouTube video is one of the most relevant factors when carrying out an effective YouTube SEO strategy. The title of the video must attract the attention of the user summarize what is going to be SEO work on YouTube found and also respon to the search intentions of the people. To get a better positioning on YouTube, the title must be exact, short and contain the keywords for which we want it to be positione. The title is one of the pillars to achieve a higher CTR. For positioning on YouTube. Ot is important that it seems natural, but also that it includes keywords that you want to position.

  1. Optimize the descriptions of your videos to improve the positioning on YouTube

The descriptions of YouTube videos are key to offering the information that the user needs to know about the video in question. In addition to this, it is a great opportunity to include keywords that help improve YouTube positioning, include calls to action (CTA) and add relevant links for the user. Descriptions can help you get more subscribers to your channel so don’t be afraid to write and show yourself attractive and interesting through words.

Don’t forget your YouTube channel description. In the “More information SEO work on YouTube about your channel” part there is a section where you can put a description. Take advantage of this SEO work on YouTube space to put your channel slogan/motto. But also to add keywords related to what you are going to offer. So that users see you in their search results.

4.      Choose the labels

The labels, also known as tags, are those keywords or phrases that are include in the description of the YouTube video and that allow knowing the theme and focus of the video. Tags are a good opportunity to add relevant keywords and boost the visibility and positioning of videos on YouTube.

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