One of the dreams of today’s children, when asked what they want to be when they “grow up”, is to become a successful youtuber. This occurs for a number of reasons. Children know YouTube very well and are fans of those popular youtubers, for which they take them as a kind of role models of what they can be. But, in addition, in recent years a narrative has been established about what youtubers are and about what is achieved when success is achieved in that profession. The youtuber is swimming in money. He’s the nouveau riche of the internet age.The reality is much more complicated than that. On the one hand, not all youtubers have become millionaires with their work on the video network and not all have managed to make their content so profitable. For every youtuber who makes millions with what he uploads to the network, there are many others who do not manage to make more than a few euros each month with the ads that they serve linked to their content.On the other hand, monetizing content on the video network is increasingly complicated and increasingly difficult. The adjustments that Google has made in how videos can be monetized, but also how ads are served and how ads start to count and when they can be charged for it (or receive a payment) They have not made things very easy for content creators. Entering the list of youtubers that enter the most is, in reality, every day more complicated.The new advertising formats that YouTube is offering make monetizing content increasingly difficult and more complicated.

Among the new ad offerings are the videos of few seconds , a format that tries to avoid the Honduras WhatsApp Number List boredom of consumers with longer advertising content but that makes it much more difficult for content creators to achieve monetization of the content because it is much less likely have the consumer click on them.You don’t get rich on YouTubeThe rules of the game on YouTube are that, of all the advertising revenue that is generated linked to the content that has been uploaded, the content creator takes 55%. But despite this, it is very difficult to achieve income or that these are a solid starting point, especially since YouTube marked that a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing is needed (all during a period of 12 months in a row) to qualify for advertising revenue.

Some studies have already clearly shown that not everyone gets rich from YouTube. The median income for the top 3% of YouTube video earners is $ 12,000 per year.To that we must add, as pointed out by a popular youtuber who has broken down how they make money, that not all the content they publish can be monetized. For example, if there is any sound that may be copyrighted, the proceeds from that video will no longer go to them. In his case, of all the content he released, he could only monetize 7%. In his case, the year he made the most was at $ 17,894.73.If you make money and the business is profitable, it is because you make money in another way. YouTube ads do not make you money or make you rich (they do not even give you to live on a minimum salary per month). To find income you have to use other things and by-products.

The you tubers start to burn Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that youtubers are beginning to be burned. They are, on the one hand, because the exposure that being a successful you tuber implies is very high and the toll that ends up being paid in psychological terms is also very high. It is a job of always being exposed and visible on social networks, at a level that makes the pressure very high.But, on the other hand, they are because in order to succeed (or simply make the content profitable) they have to work in an almost extreme way and they have to be generating content at a very high speed. The changes that YouTube applies do not make things easier for them, but they have actually led them to lose income in recent times.

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