SaludFestival will celebrate its IV edition, to reward the best campaigns in the food and health sector.Within the festival, various sectors of advertising are awarded such as Food, Health, Hygiene, Beverages, Pharmacy, Cleaning and Healthy Living, Healthy Product / Service, Food / Animal Hygiene among Others.

The objective of SaludFestival Australian Email Address is to give professionals in the advertising and marketing and communication sectors, as well as advertisers, the opportunity to stand out internationally. A prestigious opportunity, which will also allow the best work in the food, health and well-being industry to be shown annually in all its vertices.

Festival intends, in addition to rewarding these campaigns, to extend to these sectors the very important social action of the Social Action Gala, consisting of encouraging quality advertising and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility through training, with more than 200,000EUR in scholarships for that the winners can study training programs in consumer or health matters specialized in CSR.

Children have been one of the main targets of the marketing and advertising industry for decades now. For one reason or another, as a direct or indirect audience, childhood is a great consumer prescriber, one that companies want to conquer no matter what. But those messages and practices often move a fine line between what is right and what is directly objectionable.

The last of the analysis on the advertising situation and how brands try to connect with the children’s audience focuses on the performance patterns of the food industry. The conclusions are quite dire: as they point out in 20Minutos , the food industry completely bypasses the regulations and uses whatever claims they may be to capture the attention of children.

The study has been prepared by a group of researchers from the University of Cádiz and the University of Seville who have studied what type of advertisements are served on television and whether there is compliance with the so-called PAOS Code in Spain. The PAOS code is a set of standards that self-regulates how food products are advertised by the industry.

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