Within a year, the situation in the SaaS industry has undergone a two-level reversal. In 2021, you can see the IPOs and valuations of various SaaS companies soar, but in 2022, they will collectively die down. Since 2022, there have been a lot of negative news such as the cold of the primary market and the decline in company performance. On the one hand, the losses shown by many old SaaS financial reports, including Youzan, are worrying. On the other hand, the primary market has experienced a “big year” in 2021, and rationality is returning. Unlisted companies have entered a financing winter and their valuations have dropped sharply. So, in 2022, what is the specific development status of the domestic enterprise-level SaaS industry? Which subdivided SaaS industries can grow against the trend? What challenges and difficulties did you encounter.

In 2022, enterprise-level SaaS at home and abroad will be in the dark night before dawn

In order to better understand the status quo, core indicators, pain points, and development trends of the enterprise-level SaaS industry, and to discover subdivided industries and outstanding companies that are still  Brazil Phone Number growing at a high speed, the Research Department of First New Voice plans to release “China 2022″ in March 2023. High-growth enterprise-level SaaS industry research report”. Against this background, First New Voice officially launched the interview and research work for the report. In the U.S. stock market, SaaS is already a pillar industry, and related manufacturers have long been labeled with high valuation and high growth, but in 2022, they all encountered huge challenges.

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General-purpose or vertical industry SaaS, who has grown against the trend?

Public data shows that at the beginning of 2022, the market will experience a major correction, and the Bessemer Nasdaq Cloud Index (EMCLOUD Index) will fall back to the level before the epidemic in 2020. In May 2022, the companies covered by the EMCLOUD Index The total market capitalization of the stock has dropped to 1.4 trillion US dollars, and the average valuation multiple has dropped from B2B Lead he highest 16x P/S in 2021 to 6x P/S, which is even lower than the level before the epidemic in 2020.Changes in the total market capitalization of companies covered by the EMCLOUD Inde Even for the benchmark company Salesforce, its market value has shrunk by 40% in half a year, Twilio’s share price has fallen by 90% during the year, and the market value of the video conferencing software Zoom has shrunk by nearly 54%.



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