ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Unica Corporation (Nasdaq: UNCA), a leading provider of enterprise marketing management (EMM) solutions, today announced some of the results obtained from a survey conducted at its European User Conference. The event, which took place in Mallorca last October, included presentations by Fortis and KBC among others. The results of the survey highlight the concern of marketers regarding the relevance of their communications with clients and the adequacy of the moment in which they are carried out through a variety of channels that are expanding rapidly.

Directors and marketing professionals on the board of 47 companies with Slovenia Phone Number List turnover ranging from € 200 million to € 5 trillion, uncovered their concerns and expectations regarding marketing, both now and in the future. The two most important challenges in communicating with the client are, for 70% of those surveyed, improving the relevance of the message and the moment in which it is transmitted for another 68%. Multichannel communication, which was seen by 65% ​​of the participants as a significant challenge in terms of synchronization, was also identified as an area that will experience very sharp growth in the next two years. To redirect these two issues, Respondents are already managing marketing campaigns through an average of five channels, including direct marketing, email, telemarketing call centers, the Internet, and local sales operations. The number of channels will continue to grow. For example, 100% of the respondents expect to adopt SMS or MMS as part of their communication strategy in the coming years. High growth is also expected in the use of incoming e-mail, Internet and call centers.

To meet these new challenges, it is also anticipated that more and more advanced marketing techniques will be adopted. While predictive models are used by 97% of respondents, the number of people requesting newer concepts such as “real time marketing” and MRM is relatively low, 15% and 26% respectively. In two years, 98% of these respondents expect to use MRM to streamline the campaign process, while 100% think of requesting “real-time marketing” techniques that allow them to reach customers at the same time. whoever is carrying out a transaction or through a call center or e-commerce website. According to Marcel Holsheimer, Vice President of Unica EMEA region: “The clients surveyed during our conference are professionals with a great deal of experience in the marketing sector. Many of them run more than 500 consecutive marketing campaigns and some run more than 1,000. It is clear from their responses that the challenge of improving the relevance of the message and determining the most appropriate time when it is transmitted in a complex environment is not can be underestimated. The marketing sector is reaching a new level of sophistication and we expect to see a corresponding increase in new techniques, technology and skills to support this development. “

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