Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online The report carried out by Real Estate Marketing (REM) indicates that 98% of real estate companies recognize the contribution of marketing and advertising to their commercial strategy and that 90% consider the brand as such a key factor in deciding whether to purchase of an apartment as its price and its location.

In this way, 2% of the companies in the Argentina WhatsApp Number List surveyed by the firm indicate that they will increase their investment in marketing between 31% and 50% this year. 29% will raise it by up to 15%, and another 21% between 16% and 30%. In addition, 55% admit that their budget on the matter this year will be higher than the three years before. In total, this amount will reach a global figure of six million euros. Regarding the budget for this purpose, 52% of the real estate companies surveyed will dedicate between one and six million euros this year. Another 19% will exceed this last amount. The increase in the budget dedicated to marketing by real estate companies will thus be higher than that registered in the sum of the previous three years, as highlighted by the CEO of REM, Juan Páramo.

However, these data are still far from those of the advertising of mass consumption firms (none of the top twenty real estate companies is among the top advertisers in the country), so the sector still has some room to cover in this field. In fact, and according to the study, the marketing budget does not usually represent more than 2% of the total investment of a promotion, compared to the average of 8% that consumer companies allocate for their products. Internet, main medium The REM survey confirms the weight that the Internet has gained in recent years as a real estate promotion channel, given that it is used in 98% of cases, together with the press (98%) and ahead of the corporate website (95 %) and fairs (95%). Television is only used in 20% of cases.

Regarding the marketing instruments, the training of the department’s staff ranks first (with a score of nine out of ten), ahead of the articulation of payment facilities (8.9), customer service (8, 5), advertising (8.3) and the offers or promotions so common at fairs (7.8).The REM survey reveals that real estate companies prefer to carry out a competition analysis (78%) rather than a demand study (73%) when researching the market. It also indicates the high percentage of companies that do not retain their customers (30% and another 40% only occasionally) and that do not measure the degree of satisfaction after the sale (16%, 43% sporadically).

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