We need explanations. For this reason the campaigns that provide a reason, even if it is absurd… they work! Stories : does storytelling ring a bell? It is one of the most used techniques in marketing because it brings the consumer closer to the brand Benin WhatsApp Number List through experiences. Simplicity – simplicity is always accepted by the public. Keep it short and concise and summarize the ideas so that the audience can grasp them quickly. Common enemy – there are campaigns that focus on common enemies. That strengthens the ties of the brand with the audience. A clear example of a common enemy could be, for example: terrorists. Curiosity – curiosity is a widely used technique.

We All Need to Fill

That gap between what we know and what we want to know, hence the success of campaigns that use curiosity as a technique. Expectation : many times, expecting to have something generates more happiness than getting it. That is the expectation! These campaigns are a complete success, they are widely used by the famous Benin WhatsApp Number List apple brand, and even on television when they announce what is going to come next, just before we see it. Social identification: social identification strategies are those that show the profile of the audience as the protagonist of the campaign. For example: if a vehicle brand wants to sell a car to a young audience, the advertisement must show a young driver.

Referrals –

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These are the strategies that display negative referrals and then feature the product. So that you understand it better. Use y!” protection: it is the strategy that gives importance to the public, that makes them feel important, offering them attention and protection. It is widely use to implement loyalty strategies. Community : the human Benin WhatsApp Number List being always seeks to belong to a group, to a community… There are campaigns that extol the feeling of belonging to millennial groups, believers, etc. In vogue: these the strategies currently used to sell. For example: after a natural catastrophe. Moreover, insurance is sold, even though the probability of it happening again is very low.

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