We are witnessing a new revolution in which technology drives commerce, online and in stores. Consumers are increasingly digitally engaged, with multi-screen connection behavior to consume products, services, information, entertainment, music, video, and social interaction. It is the critical moment to start making decisions. In the United States, 30% of investment in social media goes through programmatic, according to Forrester Research. The companies focus on the search for professionals who optimize the investment for the purchase of the audience.

Who are the fittest?

Undoubtedly those that come from Cyprus Email List an experience in direct marketing and database marketing. The analytical and strategic preparation of the experts is a plus. Managing large databases preparing each piece of data, ensuring that it is “clean” of duplicates, organizing, analyzing and segmenting the database, was a time ago a task that took months to perform a test, launch a piece, wait for the answer and then evaluate it. You could do 1: 1 customization but it took a long time to get some insight that could then be applied to the next piece that restarted the process. Programmatic is to do this, but in real time with a gigantic volume of data. Today we can launch a campaign in half an hour, we customize communication very quickly, we test, measure, learn and do it again, and another one until we obtain the optimum in just a few steps. Digital marketing allows us to connect with the audience, generate interest and participation because we will be giving them what they want, what they are looking for, at the time and in the ideal context.

Prediction and accuracy are essential, analyzing each data, for each person, achieving unique and individual human insights . That allows you to be prepared to satisfy your audience creatively and measurably, on a large scale. Now, in short learning cycles we get very high customizability. Before we had emailing, traditional mail and calls to reach the client, now we have mobile, video, content marketing, rich data from many different sources.

What must be developed is talent. It is useless to have the latest technology, without analytical and strategic capacity. Social listening is vital to obtain results in programmatic buying, developing digital marketing strategies to find the brand’s target target, establish a budget and approach the audience with optimal and relevant ads according to their preferences and profile. Interpreting the details of the audience, behaviors, demographic and psychosocial profile, and context give us a clear idea of ​​who we are approaching with the proposal.

Today brands collect information from various sources such as smartwatch, tablet, Smartphone, desktop PC, notebook, sneakers or other devices, IoT is also going strong in this regard. Never before have the experiences accessed by customers been so attractive, now they only impact those interested in real time. All the technological systematization works with the human work of interpreting the campaigns and their results. Measuring conversions in real time. Analyzing every click. Obtaining conclusions that allow to develop more precise campaigns. Understand which ads impact, the reach and perception of consumer reactions, taking care of brand reputation in the contact and conversion process to obtain better results.

If your organization has not started the Programmatic Buying process yet, you are in time to follow these steps.

  • Keep your data organized. Update your CRM, verify the veracity and timeliness of the data, clean duplicates, enrich the database. Discard data that is no longer useful. Being precise is your goal.
  • Finish with silos. The marketing sector has its data, and the sales sector as well, logistics has its bases and the contact center manages its data. That no longer serves anyone. Do not have silos, it is impossible to track customer interaction with your brand if everything is in different repositories.
  • Take advantage of real time. If you can not assume this point it will be a big problem, you will arrive at the opportunities out of time. Customers will perceive your ignorance about their experiences with your brand. The management system technology is your investment priority.
  • Improve the sources of your data. Where do you get the data you have today from your customers? If you are not sure of its updating, transparency and effectiveness, it is time for you to start a new collection process from scratch.
  • Streamline and make internal processes more flexible. The organization has to be prepared to act with quick proactive actions, the team must be aligned to take advantage of the immense possibilities of programmatic buying. The human factor is key to achieving excellent results.

When you have these points aligned with your marketing objectives, and each input of your company is aimed at supplying that machinery with fresh data, you will be in a position to start a successful programmatic purchasing process, without wasting opportunities and impacting the public in real time. target you want to go, the most “fertile” for your actions.

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