The VoD boom and the migration of viewers from television to streaming platforms has had a direct effect on how brands work and what is the positioning strategy of their products. More than traditional ads, now your hopes are pinned on product placement . It’s profitable, it’s effective, and consumers won’t be able to help but see it.But product placement Greece Phone Number List is nothing new. In fact, it has always been present in series and movies. So much so that even on some occasions the most mythical scenes of cinema and their composition are marked by the decisions of the brands. They are product placement.The history of product placement in cinema begins with practically the same history of cinema, as Martin Stromboli points out in Buyology . After all, one of the Lumière brothers’ workers, he explains, had a second job as a publicist for Lever Brothers, the company that is now Unilever. In some of his early films, one of the company’s products sneaked into images. The viewers of the beginnings of cinema thus came across Sunlight soap.Photo catalog-Lumiere catalog of works by the brothers allows us to access more details.

The soap sneaks into an image in which some washerwomen wash clothes accompanied by some children. Two highly visible boxes display the Sunlight Soap and Sunlight Seife logos. But, going back to Windstorm’s account, product placement professionalized and became a source of income in the 1930s.In the 1920s there had been the great cinema boom and in the 1930s films and their stars were the influencers of the moment. Everyone wanted to be like Hollywood stars and how they behaved, what they did or how they combed their hair served as a general and almost global wake-up call. Movie stars, for example, set the fashions.The first payment that is known was in 1932, when White Owl Cigars paid $ 250,000 to those responsible for the film Scarface for its protagonist to appear on screen smoking his cigarettes. From there, the product placement as we know it started.

In the 1940s films by Warner Brothers (which is still a heavyweight in the movie industry), kitchens always had General Electric fridges.The movies and the rituals of their love stories, the closing of the proposal with a brilliant and splendid diamond ring, was one of the reasons why the diamond became popular as a stone of love. Diamonds were never really the stone of romantic love as such, but De Beers managed to create that image with an effective marketing strategy. Scarlet O’Hara appeared in Gone with the Wind with one of her rings.The candies that earned ETAnd as product placement became more common, it seemed almost inevitable that it would sneak into the scenes that the passage of time would become iconic in the world of cinema. In some of the hits of the 80s, the key moments had product placement.

In ET , Elliot, the protagonist boy, uses some Hershey’s candy to lure the alien out of hiding. It was the company that was willing to pay to appear on screen (Steven Spielberg, Stromboli says, tried it before with Mars and his M & M’s, without success) and the one that took the return (a week after the premiere, its sales had tripled ).Product placement saved Ray-Ban’s life. Tom Cruise wears them in Risky Business , a 1983 hit, after the company struck a deal with the director. His problem was that sales were stagnant and the film managed to energize them. Thanks to the film they rose by 50%. Cruise returned to wearing Ray-Ban glasses at Top Gun and the company saw a rebound in sales again.

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