Bookmakers have become one of the most controversial businesses in recent years. The activity of these companies has been increasing and they have settled notably in those neighborhoods with lower incomes, which has led to an increase in criticism against them (neighbors accuse them of going after a particularly vulnerable population compared to your claims). While both their presence and the critical voices against them increase, the pressure against those who end up involved in this business in a transversal way. This is what happens with advertising, against which more and more critical voices are being raised and against which citizen pressure has already pushed to take action.This is what happened this weekend with the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Madrid. A company driver tweeted, from his personal account, against the campaign that had just appeared on the network buses, promoting an online bookmaker. The tweet appeared on Friday and became progressively popular, to be amplified on Saturday with another from the More Madrid spokesperson, Rita Maestre. The issue went viral on social networks and that same Saturday the EMT announced that it was going to withdraw the campaign.

The withdrawal, they also Cameroon Phone Number List explained in a tweet, was going to be for “considering it inappropriate.”This movement is the most recent, but not the only one that has been featured in bookmaker advertisements, both online and offline. Just a little over a year ago, Carlos Sobera, the television presenter, was starring in a reputation crisis after an exchange of tweets for his presence in the advertising campaigns of a betting house and a microcredit company.A year later, yes, Sobera has ceased to be the face of an online betting house for “a matter of sensitivity.” “Neither does one feel like doing publicity that causes controversy and this is causing it. I think the best thing is that the legal panorama on this issue is clarified and we, the communicators, will consider it later,” the presenter explained a few weeks ago to The Spanish .

Its appearance, and the criticism it aroused, served as a starting signal to study the presence of famous faces in these advertisements.The names of sportsbook advertisingAfter all, Sobera hadn’t been the only one. In previous years, Jorge Javier Vázquez and Belén Esteban had been the faces of YoBingo, Rafa Nadal that of PocketStars or several Spanish rappers had appeared in campaigns. And tweets like DiosTuitero or North Korean had participated in social media campaigns.And, of course, bookmakers were increasingly present in the world of soccer and mass sports. In November 2018, 75% of Spanish soccer teams had a sportsbook as a sponsor and 20% of soccer ad time went to them. In fact, then there was talk of a legal change that would limit the advertising of bookmakers.

Going into effect would have had an overwhelming impact on the sports industry.The presence of athletes could have, yes, the days numbered. The new code of conduct for the industry, created at the request of the Spanish Association for Digital Gaming (Jdigital), states that active athletes will not be able to participate in bookmaker advertisements. The industry has also limited the use of celebrities under the age of 25 in its ads or those who participate in children’s spaces.This last point is especially noteworthy because bookmakers have begun to be very present in the advertising content of youtubers, influencers who have a direct impact on younger consumers.

An estimate from El Confidencial a few weeks ago pointed out that dozens of Spanish youtubers of all sizes were promoting bookmakers online.Many of those videos had disappeared, eliminated directly by YouTube, after an investigation by Radio Renascence , a Portuguese medium, made the problem visible. The youtubers were not only promoting online gambling, but they were doing it from bookmakers that did not have a license to operate in Europe, as the Portuguese medium pointed out.An estimate from April of this year indicated that investment in marketing and advertising by bookmakers had increased in the last year. In 2018, 300 million euros had been spent on different marketing and advertising actions.

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