news sourcesACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories Planeta Ad Network , a company specializing in online advertising and marketing, incorporates the advertising management of into its network of media, a company specialized in ticket sales, a leader in its sector, which has more than 500,000 unique users and 5,000. 000 page views per month, according to Nielsen Netratings.

This agreement comes just three months after Planeta Ad Network announced the exclusive agreement to market online advertising for all Antena 3 Group media, which highlights the unstoppable growth of the New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Network which, in this occasion, it reinforces its leisure-entertainment and e-commerce category. The incorporation of strengthens the position of Planeta Ad Network, which in just one year of existence, has become the fastest growing network in Spain. More than 50 media, comprising 9.3 million users and 84 million page views endorse the network, which reaches 44% of the universe of Internet users. The network, which has great coverage in the media, leisure-entertainment, travel and e-commerce sectors, has the vocation to continue growing in terms of audience. In addition to, PAN has other reference media such as Grupo, ADN, lanetro, Lonelyplanet, La Razón and Muchoviaje, among others.

We trust Planeta Ad Network as a partner to contribute to our growth and exposure in today’s most prestigious online media, enhancing our brand image and making us more visible in the star media par excellence. We predict a promising future for our business development, enhanced by Planeta Ad Network’s management of our online advertising, ”says Ruth Díaz, General Manager of Tickets About Planeta Ad Network Planeta Ad Network, a company specialized in online advertising and marketing, currently sells exclusively online advertising from more than 50 media, which includes 8.7 million unique users and more than 90 million page views, which allows reaching 44% of the Internet universe in Spain. This places it as the fastest growing network in our country and the most complete in terms of supports, content, users and advertising products. Planeta Ad Network has reference media such as Grupo, ADN,,, Larazó and, among others. The values ​​that the network offers are its capacity for geographic and thematic segmentation and its dynamism, flexibility and experience when designing tailor-made campaigns according to the needs and target audience of each advertiser. About, a company specializing in ticket sales, is a leader in the entertainment sector for offering the largest and most varied offer. In 2007 it managed the sale of 57 million tickets through the box offices of cinemas and theaters, the Internet, the telephone (902 221 622) and the 6,500 Caja Madrid ATMs that allow the sale and collection of any location purchased online or Telephone. has a presence in all leisure sectors, with more than 300 adhered venues, it has 50% of the cinemas in Spain, 85% of the Theaters in Madrid and more than 800,000 tickets for events in music, sport and exhibitions.

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