Is there any place left to be conquered by advertising? Any space in which brands and companies have not yet positioned their ads and made their messages visible? The list of unexpected spaces for advertising is very long, very diverse and very varied.We have already seen space advertising, with products sent into space or advertisements recorded on space stations; body ads, with advertising in the armpits of subway commuters or with brand tattoos; or advertising in every corner of urban spaces, from the subway stairs to public toilets. Now, a startup wants to put advertising in the sky so that it is visible to everyone. Start Rocket, the company that wants to venture into this advertising format, already has its first client.How does advertising in heaven work? Actually, for now it has not been done yet.

The company, which had already presented the format a few months ago and then hoped to have a prototype by 2021, wanted to use microsatellites to make this Benin WhatsApp Number List heavenly advertisement. The microsatellites would be launched into space to be able to play from there with the sunlight and its reflections and, from them, ‘write’ messages in the sky. This type of advertisement would allow a brand logo, for example, to float over the sky of a big city and for consumers to see it, like someone who sees the Moon.When the format was introduced, critical voices quickly appeared. The ad would be very expensive (or so it was estimated) and with few guarantees (a night of bad weather would make it no longer visible) and would have an impact on the environment (more space debris and more light pollution).

Of course, for the leading brand it would be a hit of virality, a kind of frontier of the never seen before conquered and a very prominent brand impact.Pepsi, the possible pioneerIn fact, there is already a company interested in the format and planning to use it. Pepsi is going to be StartRocket’s first customer. The startup has announced it and a spokeswoman for the Russian division of the beverage giant has confirmed it to the Futurism portal. StartRocket will launch a set of CubeSats (a format of nanosatellites) that will form an artificial record and that will create an advertisement for one of the company’s drinks, Adrenaline Rush.And, in an even broader coup, the ad will not be a simple logo projected in the sky, but a campaign of those with a message that has been successful in recent times.

The company will use its constellation of, so to speak, fake stars as part of a “campaign against stereotypes and unjustified prejudices against gamers.” Has Pepsi united advertising in the sky and the emerging world of eSports ?No clear dateThe company behind the advertising format ensures that it has already tested it with the launch of a helium balloon into space and that it works. For now, not much more is known as to when all of this will happen or how much Pepsi will pay (or even when that ad will go into space).Start Rocket’s advertising plans are still making its first launch in 2021 and, for what it is asking for in its fundraising campaigns right now, as published by Futurism, the cost of eight hours of advertising in the sky is being quoted at 20,000 Dollars.

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