To compare them, we evaluated them based on 4 main criteria: User experience FonctionnalitiesIntegration of external tools The rates Now let’s see how Pardot and Plezi can meet your needs. InterfacePardotIn terms of ergonomics, we clearly feel the paw and experience of Salesforce, a well-known and recognized CRM. Clean and modern, Pardot’s interface plays on the variations of blue to facilitate the identification of the different elements. Very complete, it is also very easy to use. PleziErgonomics is, without a doubt, one of Plezi’s strong points. The solution offers a clean and modern interface with a design that is both clean and colorful. The user experience is excellent:

The handling is simple and pleasant and the navigation really intuitive. The interface is regularly updated to Albania Phone Number List user feedback into account. Pardot and Plezi functionality Pardot Pardot offers all the essential features to generate marketing automation campaigns: Personalized emailings : Creation of campaigns and follow-up of impact via dedicated reporting. The tool also allows you to quickly produce all types of emails. Landing pages : quick and easy creation of landing pages and integration of conversion forms. It is also possible to perform A / B testing. Post Scheduling : Make it easy to determine when and what to post.

Automatic workflows : to more simply maintain the relationship with prospects. Data visualization tools : quick and easy reading and analysis of reports. Possibility of integrating Google AdWords and Analytics. Automatic lead management : Pardot analyzes prospect activity with your business and generates alerts for salespeople to help them take action at the right time.

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