Two-thirds of all growth in global ad spend between 2017 and 2020 will come from paid search and social media ads, according to the Advertising Expenditure Forecasts published by Zenith. During this period, the total invested will increase from US $ 86bn to US $ 109bn in paid search, and from US $ 48bn to US $ 76bn in social media. Paid search will grow to US $ 22bn in this period, while investment in social media ads will grow to US $ 28bn, becoming the single and largest indicator of contribution to growth.Paid search has been constantly evolving in recent years. Search platforms, agencies and brands are developing more sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques to improve segmentation, connection with the consumer, messages and conversion. Paid search is increasingly integrated with commerce, both online – as brands redirect budgets towards eCommerce platforms – and offline, as retail uses location information and data in order to connect buyers assets, directly with the products they are looking for. All of these developments are attracting higher ROI budgets for brands and often new investment. In total, we expect an average 8% annual growth in paid search ad spend to be driven between 2017 and 2020.The next step in the evolution of search is voice search, but so far there has been very little direct mail through it.

When users perform a search by voice on a smart device, the smart device typically only returns the best-ranked results organically; Voice searches on smartphones can present more information, but not as much information Oman WhatsApp Number List as that resulting from a manual search.The increase in voice searches makes it increasingly relevant for brands to identify keywords, and build content that positions them in the top positions of organic results. Search platforms are expected to promote paid search frequency in voice assistants, but brands need to focus on voice-linked SEO for now, thus limiting the potential growth of paid searches in the short term.Much of the rapid growth in social media advertising has come as platforms have replaced their static advertising with more engaging video advertising. Until now this video advertising has acted more as a complement to television commercials than as a competitor, but the platforms are now coming into conflict with television more directly by presenting longer duration content related to sports, culture and humor.

Also incorporating mid-roll ads, just like television does. In total, we expect advertising investment in social networks to grow by an average of 16% until 2020, double the rate of paid searches.The fastest-evolving traditional medium is cinema, with a growth forecast of 16% per year thanks to the rapid increase in ticket sales in China. It is a small medium, since it only represents a total of 0.8% of advertising spending this year. On the other hand, foreign would be the most relevant medium with 3% annual growth. Exterior benefits from its wide coverage and ability to create a global perception, which allows it to complement the highly targeted online advertising of premium brands.

While segmented online advertising moves users through the buying process, premium brands still need to create connections with those who are not yet buyers – a premium brand will only remain such if everyone recognizes its positioning.The global forecast for ad spend remains stable We have maintained our global ad spend growth forecast at 4.5% this year. Some markets have strengthened since we published the previous forecast in June (especially Canada and the United Kingdom) but their results have been balanced by the effect of markets that have been weakened, particularly the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Our forecast for 2019 has not changed either, 4.2% growth, while we have lowered our forecast for 2020 from 4.3% growth to 4.2%. Growth, therefore, will remain in the 4% -5% range, as it has done since 2011.

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