Our-tips-to-optimize-your-Call-To-Action-CTAA call-to-action or action button, popularized by the acronym CTA, is, as its name suggests, a button allowing your leads to act by pushing them to get in touch with you. This tool is used in a digital strategy context, and more precisely in the context of an inbound marketing strategy . CTAs are then used to convert leads into prospects: they make it possible to collect the contact details of site visitors in order to bring them into a lead nurturing process. Suffice to say that if you want to obtain the contact details of your leads, it is necessary that you insert CTAs on your website but above all: that you optimize them! Your leads must indeed take action so that you have the opportunity to convert them into customers later. Discover in this article all our tips for optimizing your CTAs. Call-to-action will soon have no secrets for you!

What is a CTA?A CTA is a powerful weapon Bolivia Phone Number List that helps you generate leads . Indeed, there is no point in having a perfect editorial strategy and beautiful marketing content if none of them generates leads. It can even be frustrating to generate a lot of traffic on your website, without increasing your number of leads. An optimized CTA will therefore allow you to take your visitors to action : it can encourage them to download a white paper, to request an audit, to carry out a quote, to subscribe to the newsletter or simply to contact you. .But beware: a good CTA isn’t just a button! It is the result of the combination of three elements necessary for its optimization: a catchphrase, a button and a visual. Above all, a CTA should meet the needs of your visitors : by clicking on this CTA, they should be able to find an answer to their needs. Optimize your CTAs Use flash colors In order to get visitors to click on your CTA, you need to use flash colors: they will catch their attention . If it is important that this color stands out, it must nevertheless remain harmonious with the design and the graphic charter of your website. For this, we advise you to use bright colors such as red, yellow, orange or green. By using the right colors, you will increase the click-through rate on your CTAs.

Correct placement of CTAs To optimize your call-to-action, it is essential to place them in strategic , visible places that will not go unnoticed when visiting your site. The idea being that this button attracts the attention of the visitor. It must be easily accessible: the visitor should therefore not need to look for it! For this, we advise you to integrate your CTAs in 3 strategic places of your blog posts: at the beginning, in the center and at the end. Also make sure to integrate a call-to-action in your emailings or in your newsletter, on your sidebar or even on a pop-in page. Be careful, however, not to abuse this last method, which may put off visitors

.Be brief and punchy in texts It is customary to assume that a 5-10 word catchphrase is enough to convince visitors to click on a CTA. It shouldn’t be too long: this is not a sales pitch but a call to action! That’s why you need to write short and punchy texts. In addition, it is important to remain consistent in the wording of your CTAs. For that, always think of unifying your mode of expression. Do you prefer to use the imperative or the infinitive? The choice is yours, but stick to it! Also consider using action verbs such as “Download” or “Subscribe”. This trick makes it possible to clarify the benefit that the visitor will derive from his action: no risk of disappointing him. In short, the message should be simple, intelligible and impactful. What’s more, You will have to try to personalize your message to convince the visitor to click on your CTA. One page = consistency of action A fundamental rule in order to optimize your CTAs: the different call-to-actions present on the same page must be consistent ! At the risk, if you do not respect this rule, to create confusion in the heads of your visitors by offering them a multitude of different actions on the same page. For a blog article on inbound marketing, it is advisable, for example, to insert a call-to-action inviting the reader to download a white paper on the subject, and a second proposing an appointment setting. Each page of your website must therefore offer visitors an action that is consistent with their interests and needs .

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