In the first three months of the year, advertising investment has decreased by -9.6% compared to the equivalent period of the previous year, showing a figure of 1,062.8 million euros, compared to 1,175.6 million in the first quarter of 2020 In the specific case of the month of March, when one year has passed since the start of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, investment would have grown by 9.8%, from 370.9 million euros in 2020 to 407.4 million for the month of March 2021.As a reminder to point out that the data in this press release includes those media and supports not directly controlled by InfoAdex based on declarative data from the advertising market. For this reason, the data presented here may not coincide with those obtained from the tools that InfoAdex makes available to users of their information.

The media most affected by Cuba Email List this measure are Radio, Exterior and Digital, the latter due to the inclusion of data from Search and Social Networks.Digital , which occupies the first position by volume of advertising investment, has experienced an increase of 8.8%, obtaining 486.0 million euros in the first three months of the year. Within Digital, the best performance is Social Networks , a medium that grew by 12.1% its volume of advertising investment, going from 111.2 million euros to 124.7 million during the first quarter. Search , increased its figure by 8.0% with an investment of 183.6 million compared to the 170.0 million euros it obtained in the same period of 2020. Websites also increased its investment figure by 7.5%, and reaches a volume in the first three months of the year of 177.7 million euros.

The 5 keys that advertisements and the most effective advertising have in common

Consumers are surrounded by ads, but despite this saturation, advertising remains one of the primary weapons companies use to reach and connect with their audiences. It is the one that allows you to present products, launch messages and generate conversations and engagement. Every year, brands spend huge amounts of money on advertising spend, hoping to achieve the best data and results.But what is it that leads them to achieve it? What is it that makes some ads more effective than others and achieve a better resonance with the audience?These are questions that are asked on a recurring basis in market research and advertising. The last of these studies has been prepared by Kantar, who has studied thousands of ads launched during 2020 to determine which has been the most effective. Their conclusion is that Heineken’s Cheers to all campaign has been the most effective advertising, the one that has achieved the best impact.

But beyond the curiosity of determining which has been the most effective ad of the year, the study allows us to discover what the campaigns that achieve the best impact have in common. As they point out in Warc, five key points can be extracted from what the brands with the most effective advertising have done.It is distinctiveOr what is the same: in a market in which there are more and more advertisements and consumers are surrounded by brand messages, companies need their advertising to stand out. You must be able to get the consumer to ‘see’ and remember you.Brand is everythingIn the analysis it is pointed out that branding must be done in an intrinsic way. That is, it should not be forgotten that the advertisement is one more element of the strategy that makes the brand reach the consumer. The attention that the ad gets must have an impact on the service of the brand.

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