One of the emerging genres on the web is that of reviews. Actually, you could say that it has been an emerging genre for years, but the truth is that as time passes, its popularity is also increasing. Consumers (and some specialized media) publish comprehensive opinion articles about the products they consume and, above all, produce videos showing the characteristics of these products and these services. YouTube is full of testimonials in which someone explains their experience with such and such a product and the visits of these contents and the  Croatia Email List  reception of them never ceases to be positive. Consumers love the opinions of others and before buying a product they are increasingly tempted to look at what others have to say. Who has not sought the opinion of the other before giving the final ok to an online purchase and who has not analyzed two products in a YouTube video before deciding on one of them? The online Reviews of other consumers are giving the ‘ok’ to your future purchase.

The popularity of these contents is due to a question that could be seen almost as logical and that is very marked by how consumption habits have changed. On the one hand, online opinions are a kind of element of social proof , a kind of vote of confidence from others. The other consumers who have bought and who are giving the ok to a future purchase with their opinions are like a kind of support that pushes you to buy in an environment with limited certainties.

Because, and here comes point two, in a space in which you buy more and more without looking, without really knowing what you have in hand (the internet has propped up electronic commerce and has made products not elements tangible but rather virtual issues that one will only see in a real way after making the purchase), the opinions of other consumers and especially the online reviews and video unboxing make the product stop being something ethereal and become something tangible.

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