IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Although they are few, some companies are still skeptical about the power of the Internet and how it can influence what is said about the brand and what consequences it will have for the bottom line. Those who believe that nothing bad can happen should read this article to finish seeing the reality. A recent Weber Shandwick report on reputation found that any lack of connection between companies and their brand reputation causes a very strong reaction from consumers, regardless of whether the product or service is excellent.

When consumers find Nigerian Email Database that a product they like a lot belongs to a company that has a negative relationship with users, 96% take some kind of action. The big question is what kind of stocks? Let’s start with the breakdown: 40% of that total, automatically stop buying the product, 36% do a search to find out what other products the company or the competition owns, 18% talk or recommend that others not buy that product and 17% start to make negative comments about the product or the company. It is also true that despite all this, a significant percentage (20%) continue to buy a product, but aren’t we losing too many customers, loyal so far, just by not worrying about our online reputation? Lisa Barone comments in Small Biz Trends on this topic that it does not matter if our reach is global or local, since consumers are using the web to find information in all areas, and the mission of companies is precisely to make sure they find it, but also, that its context and the reactions or comments generate an impact or positive perception about our services, products or brand in the consumer or potential client. How do we do it? For this, it is necessary to build and strengthen our presence on the internet, and little by little to work on the aspects related to or that directly affect our online reputation. Create a website . Haven’t you seen companies on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but they don’t have a website yet? Social media is not the only important thing to focus on. Our presence on the Internet must have its own website, through which to expand or offer detailed information about our team, our offers, resources and other information of interest in a unique virtual space for us, and that also allows us to be found through Google searches.

Its design, spelling, details . These and many other aspects must be taken care of to the maximum in the development of our own website. Its lack may end up directly affecting the image of our company or brand and with it its reputation on the internet. Blogs can be useful tools to start building authority, increase visibility and position ourselves in a specific niche or sector. At this point it is important that the simple fact of having a publication of this type will not bring us benefits but we work on the information and relevant content that may be relevant and attractive to your visitors. Get involved in social media . Finding our audience on social media and starting to engage where users are can be an important starting point. Listen, observe and participate transparently and actively in all conversations wherever your business or brand may be involved or be involved. Your contributions, solutions and help can also serve to increase the positive perception towards our company. Request and manage online reviews. It is important and very important. We must check all the websites related to our sector to see what related information exists about our business, and what users say about their experiences with our products or services. There we must act and more if we find many criticisms, but we must never enter into confrontations, but we must attend and try to solve all the problems that arise. They may be mostly negative, but there is time to change and get that same audience that criticizes us to value our behavior and commitment to them, and see that we really do care about their experiences. Regardless of the size of the company, it is essential to strengthen the online reputation as it makes people trust the brand and want to continue collaborating, especially at a time when competition is very strong and users have several avenues of escape open.

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