ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. “Online reputation, what customers and other stakeholders are saying about companies and businesses on the ‘social web,’ has a real and measurable impact.” In this way, Tony Sousa, general director of the company Acceleration Media, highlights the importance of the online reputation of companies, adding that with this, a series of key indicators in the performance of the company may be affected, including the behavior of its customers, business partners and shareholders.

Your reputation on the Internet can affect your sales Kuwait Email List the brand and even the price of the stock,” says Sousa. “Proactive online reputation management can lead to better results for your business. Online reputation management (ORM) should be seen as an important part of any business, and should be mixed with reputation management. Sousa points out that people are discussing our brand and products on the Internet, whether we want to or not, and while this cannot be prevented from happening on large social media such as Facebook, Twitter or blogs, we can monitor it and influence the conversation. .This is where the ORM has an important role to play. Managing our reputation is about listening to, analyzing, online conversations, engaging in them when appropriate, and measuring the impact of our social media strategy. Reputation management starts with listening to what customers are saying, which can provide us with a wealth of information that can help us in our business strategy. If there is a problem with logistics and customers are receiving late deliveries, they are probably complaining, to name an example, and knowing it we can fix it. As we can also know if they like or not a new ad that we launch. We can gather a great deal of information about what our customers like and don’t like, as well as what they think about the company and competitors, simply by taking a look on the Internet. With the right tools we can analyze the data and discover the trends that can guide our strategic thinking in the future.

But, the real power of the ORM is unleashed once we start interacting with customers. For example, if an influential Twitter user with thousands of followers complains about our company’s customer service, we can jump in and help out by trying to fix the problem and apologizing where appropriate. The same happens if malicious rumors start to spread because we can nip the problem in the bud, although without getting into absurd discussions. A press release denying something is enough. Measuring what is said about our brand on social media is as important as any other action in our online strategy. Although many companies recognize the importance of engaging with their customers using social media, some of them are beginning to measure the impact of their communication strategies and are seeing results. With ORM tools, marketers can analyze rumors about their companies and their products, problems, competitors and the results of marketing campaigns and investments in Social Media. This makes it possible to improve social communication strategies by linking them with previously outlined business objectives.

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